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Old Frame Makeover Using Fabric

I have a small stack of old frames from my last home.  Though the frames are outdated and worse for wear, I’ve hung onto them with the idea that one day they would be candidates for a makeover.

The first frame’s flat edges made it the perfect candidate to be covered in fabric.

Here’s how:

Here’s is the unmade-over frame.  Yes, I did buy it in the 1990′s.  Thank you for asking.

Carefully press the fabric.  Lay the frame over the top and trim the fabric so that there is enough fabric to wrap around the edges of the frame.  For my frame I trimmed the fabric with 1-1/2 inches of overlap.

Using a staple gun, I attached the fabric to the frame the way you would an upholstered chair cushion.  Like this:

Staple the middle of the top and bottom and then the sides.  Then working in the same direction of top, bottom, side, side work your way out to the edges.

At the corners, I stapled the fabric at the bottom right at the corner.  Then I made a fold at the side, like wrapping a gift and staple it into place.  For my frame I thought the fold would look better at the sides.

Here’s what the top of my frame looked like.  Now for the openings…

Working from the center, I cut an X out to each corner.

I stopped about 1 millimeter short of the corner.

Fold back the flaps and insert the glass, mat and photo. 

Once the frame back is secured, give the triangles sticking out a firm tug to tighten the fabric on the inside of the frame.

Staple the flaps to the frame if desired and trim away the excess fabric.   And I’m done.

This frame is going to belong to a picture grouping in my family room that celebrates our family.

The next frame is going to get a lift with a bit of spray paint….

And a new piece of glass.

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