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Thoughts on Blogging

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I didn’t get my project done for my post today.  I guess you could say my life got in the way….

So instead I thought I would write about what’s on my mind.  The other day I heard someone talking condescendingly about blogging.  I think the words they used were “desperate mommy bloggers” to be specific.

I have to admit it made me feel really bad.  The comments weren’t aimed at me specifically, they didn’t know I am a blogger after all.  But I felt bad… “is what I’m doing something to be mocked?”  I thought.

It got me thinking about what blogging means to me.  I started “Make it Do” almost one year ago.  And while sometimes it’s a struggle….  This blog has pushed me in ways I never imagined.  It makes me think about what’s important in life….  what really matters.  It inspires me to put my ideas into action. It makes me want to do life better.

And though I really try to limit the blogs I read each day to around 20 minutes…

Everyday I’m sure to laugh and sometimes cry.

I find inspiration and ideas and then some more ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, and ideas.

I’m uplifted by beautiful words and courage.

I’ve even made some friends.

The world of blogging is a vibrant community- teaming with ideas, good advice, wisdom, and compassion.

I’m sure the worst of us is out there too… but I don’t bother myself with that.

And I’m reminded of the old saying… “don’t let the um… turkeys get you down.”

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25 Responses to “Thoughts on Blogging”

  • Krystan:

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the person making the comment wasn’t a mommy – its always easier to judge when you have no idea where the person is coming from. However, I am proud to admit that i am sometimes a DESPERATE MOMMY, and although I am not a blogger, I am a blog reader. There are days when I have spent my entire day around a 5 year old and 18month old and I just need five minutes to myself before I go crazy and I get my five minutes of peace reading your blog! Its the one that I make sure I read if i get that five minutes. SO, I just want to say thank you!! Your ideas are wonderful and you help me keep my sanity!!

  • I dont think I have commented on your blog before, but I so agree with your sentiments I had to say something. I love your blog and have been reading it for an age. I like what you do, you are not desperate, if you are, then I am!

  • Lori:

    Oh Calli! I just love your blog!!! Your are so amazing and such an inspiration to us all. I look forward to your updates and entries. I have learned so much from you and I’m so grateful that you share your life with us! Keep it up!! We love you!!! Lori

  • Nikki:

    Desperate mommy bloggers? condescending people aren’t worth your mental energy. Believe me, I know. I check your blog daily. It’s one of the blogs I check since I’m crazy about crafts. I love that your creativity and the fact that you try to keep the cost in check. Keep up the great work and ignore negativity.

  • Some people need to think before they open up their dang mouths to speak. Glad you’re taking the high road, and keep your chin up. Many people love your blog, myself most definitely included, and look forward to your posts. Desperate mommy bloggers, unite! :)

  • michele:

    i love your blog….i love your ideas and creativity…..what i DON’T love is when people feel the need to belittle others in order to make *themselves* feel better. they are not worth the time you are spending even giving them a second thought.

  • Sharon Budge:

    Keep it up Calli. You are awesome. Your blog makes my day. Love, Sharon

  • Ditto to what Sharon said. :) And thanks for being my friend!

  • Hey, some people just don’t get it. I have girlfriends that just can’t fathom why I’ve spent the past 3 years blogging and what’s even harder for them to understand is that I value many of the friendships developed through blogging.

    One someone is condescending, it usually means there is something in them that they struggle with so they need to put others down to feel better.

    Yep, don’t let them get you down! Your blog is very creative and inspiring. And I’m glad I happened upon it!

    Leigh Ann

  • Julia:

    That someone sounds like she probably has some “desperate” issues herself. I just want you to know that I come here EVERY single morning and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Its full of so many little practical ideas for cleaning (I have become a firm believer in the power of baking soda and vinegar ever since I started reading ur blog), cooking, crafting, sewing, quilting, books for children, fun/creative ideas for family and children. I love it! And I love the wonderful, gentle way you write – the love u have for your family and the gratitude you have for the blessings in ur life always come through and that is so uplifting!! So keep blogging (as long as it makes u happy) coz you have some very devoted fans and followers!!

  • I love your blog (and all of the 300+ others I read). People who don’t blog, don’t understand blogs. I can’t even come close to counting the number of friendships, ideas and inspirations I’ve received from blogging. I can only think that life before blogging was BORING!

  • You have a wonderful blog, in fact you are in the top 10 that I read every single day:)
    You offer wonderful ideas, great recipes and a beautiful view of life with a young family.

    And the banner, I second that motion!

  • jill:

    i found you by just surfin’ around on blogher & your title caught my eye……i love your blog & i don’t know you, i don’t know nothing about you….just as you do not know nothing about me….. so YOU KEEP BLOGGIN’ & KNOW YOU MAKE OTHER PEOPLE SMILE!!!! =) have a great day my new blogger buddy
    boaz, alabama

  • Calli, don’t think about it anymore!!! What you do is awesome and “I” really enjoy coming to visit you. I love all of those tips and tricks you have up your sleeves and I sure love reading them!! I am a Mom of 2 very active girls and blogging is my “Therapy”. I don’t post on my blog every day, but I sure get my dose of blogging medicine by reading my friends blogs. It’s true that ‘my friends live in my computer’ . There are always people out there that are “unhappy” with the world and most of all themself. Keep those posts coming..and it does not matter how often….you sure make my day when I see an update on Blogger. Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

  • Anne:

    i love your blog, too. i check it every day and have used so many of your ideas and recipes. you have great ideas, wonderful taste and an inspiring “voice” please keep it going!

  • Cari:

    I found your blog at a time in my life when I needed some inspiration (I read you on Design Mom I think?) Because of your blog I am 1) a better cook 2) more frugal in my spending 3) doing more projects with my kids 4) a better Mormon. THANK YOU for your desperate mommy blogging. It inspires.
    Cari from FL

  • Calli- your blog, and all of the others I read, are many things, but not desperate!! I think blogging is fun, a good way to make friends and communicate, and to make the internet more personal. I love your blog because it is inspiring and practical at the same time.

    Sarah King

  • brenda:

    I love your blog. I just found it last December. Yours is one of the ones I read daily. I do not blog, but I am ever so greatful for those of you who do.
    I have learned so much from blog reading, from crafts to becomming a better person.
    Don’t let those “turkeys” get you down!

  • You are so right. Don’t let them get you down. Blogging has changed my life for the better. It’s given me more confidence and I’m doing things I never thought possible before. And I’ve met such wonderful people all over the world. I’m thankful I found blogging and your blog! Keep up the good work!

  • Andrea:

    “Desperate mommy bloggers”? How sad and ignorant. Your blog is one of very few that I track so I don’t miss any entries! I am a lifelong learner and gain wonderful ideas, inspiration and wisdom from your blog. Thank you, and don’t let the real-life troll comments get you down!

  • Tanya:

    Hi there,
    Really just gotta ignore people who feel that they have to belittle what others do in order to validate themselves.
    Blogging has become a very important social resource in these days of task overload. We need to connect, we need to find out that someone has an answer, or at least knows how we feel – and sometimes that someone being a perfect stranger, makes finding out that you are normal a whole easier to handle :)

    I am not a mommy, neither am I “desperate” (well I might be for chocolate from time to time…) but I do love reading this blog. please keep it up.

  • Don’t you love people and their mouths. Here is what i take from that comment, if that person is a mommy they are just mad they don’t have the clever ideas or time to blog and if not then they are just mad they don’t hav ethe clever ideas or time to blog.

    I love the blogs i see everyday, I work from home and it helps me unwind and decompress. I especially love hearing about mommies who are jus tlike me and have the same kiddo things i do.

  • I haven’t posted in awhile because of the “mean” people, but I feel like it helps to give you direction, and a reason to want to be creative. (and “Mom” time). Thank you, and I will stop taking to heart everything the “Bastards” say!!!
    Blogging on…

  • Keep it up and ignore the “mean people”!

  • I wish I would’ve come to this post sooner…

    Blogging has brought so many things into my life. Joy, ideas, wisdom, friendship.

    I think people misunderstand blogging, or assume it is a selfish/egocentric endeavor. On the contrary, I say!!

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