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Caramel Dipped Apples by Amberlee of Giver’s Log

I am so excited to welcome AmberLee here today.  Her blog, The Giver’s Log is both inspirational, beautiful and one of my best resources for gift ideas.  Today she is sharing how to make one of my all time favorite treats: caramel dipped apples.  AmberLee knows a thing or two about making delicious sweets.  She is the chocolatier behind the Ticket Kitchen and the lovely hot chocolate on a stick.

Hello Make It Do readers! I’m AmberLee, and I blog at Giver’sLog and have a hot chocolate shop called the Ticket Kitchen. I am a long time-fan of Calli and Make it Do, so of course I’m so happy to be here to say hello, and to share one of my fall favorites with you.

Every year around this time, I love to make a big batch of homemade caramel.

Have you ever had homemade caramel? The only problem with making caramel is, once you’ve tried homemade, it’s hard to eat those little wrapped bulk-candy cubes again (not that I have anything against bulk candy, in fact I love buying gummi bears by the pound. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.)

I love making a big batch when company is coming over, and leaving it on the counter with a pizza cutter for everyone to slice off just a little bit here and there.

And I love, as the caramel cooks, to take out some caramel early to make an unbelieveably good caramel dip

and then waiting a little longer to dip apples.

I am still working on getting the perfect caramel apple, but after this post and this post last year, I’ve picked up a few favorite tips. I now dip the apples in boiling water for just under a minute to get any added wax of the skin, then let it dry thoroughly while I make my caramel. Finally, as soon as that big apple sinks down into the caramel and back kup again, I pop it right in the fridge for better cooling. Or I dip it first in an obscene amount of nuts and toppings. Which I also reccomend. Happy dipping!

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One Response to “Caramel Dipped Apples by Amberlee of Giver’s Log”

  • EG:

    How funny, because I was looking for her posts about caramel apples this weekend and I came here instead of there and couldn’t find it! I guess I mix your blogs up!

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