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Looking for Inspiration


I am always looking for ideas for new projects.  One place I love to check out is Anthropologie.  Their products are usually quite expensive… but many of their products have a homemade quality about them that make them perfect for making at home… like this darling dishtowel above.  I took one look and thought, “I could make that.”  I love the embroidery and the wonderful lace.

I started playing with a design using my favorite squirrel template from the Long Thread that I used on Lily’s school bag.  And in the end I think I will making it an applique like the bag instead of an embroidery.

I’d like to make several of these.  One for me and one for a friend.  Hopefully I will have time to finish a towel today and share it on Thursday.  There is never enough time to sew!


I also ran across this old drawing the other day and fell in love.  I am working on making it into an embroidery… I think it should be a Brownwork (meaning using only one color of brown thread.)

I can’t decide, should it be made into a pillow with pom poms?  Or a Halloween kitchen towel, or framed on the wall?   I also can’t decide whether to leave the little bird out of the picture.  If I take it out will it look funny if the owl is staring avidly at nothing?

The other thing I am wondering about this week is… is it too early to put up my Halloween decorations?  I love this time of year and can hardly wait for Halloween.

And speaking of Halloween:


Martha Stewart always has new and wonderful ideas for Halloween decorating.  I love these glowing ghosts.  It’s amazing how many good ideas there are out there.

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3 Responses to “Looking for Inspiration”

  • Jessica Long:

    Anthropologie is the greatest place! Garreth and I got our bathroom stuff from there and Love it! I think that brown picture is so cute! I would definitely keep the bird in it…it adds just that little bit. And if it were me I would make it into a pillow :) But you are so creative anything you did would look good! Cute blog!

  • I found your site while googling information on my first try at canning peaches! :) I found your information SO helpful … but more-so I wanted to tell you THANK you for bringing the values back we learned from our ancestors. Many times people are frightened to try canning or homemaking for fear of failure – then while tossing their hands in the air they say “I guess I’m just not cut out for it!” Which isn’t true – we ALL are cut out for it. And you take the time to take pictures, and post information … and give a good old fashioned YOU CAN DO IT! And I thank you for that … for bringing back values/virtues of long ago!

  • Anna:

    I’d leave the little birdie out, the owl will look fine. If he were in my house, I think one of my girls would love it on a pillow. Very cozy-sleepy feeling. :)

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