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Wrapping up

I decided that before I was allowed to work on any new projects, I needed to wrap up a few old projects.  I just finished piecing my half squares on point quilt.

Now for the big decision, do I want to hand quilt?   I’d love to, but the size has me a little worried – 66″ x 84″.  Will it take a year?  One thing is for sure, I am not fast at hand quilting.

When I look at the quilt close up and I see so many fabrics that I love… that mustard fabric makes me swoon…  I think I might love to work on it for that long.  So it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Since it will be on my family room sofa, I could take the easy route and tie it.  Oops.  Is that a swear word among good quilters?

Either way, I’m pretty sure I won’t have this quilt machined.

The other project I’ve finally gotten around to finishing is a quilt that has gathered dust on my shelf even longer.

It’s a BRIGHT and funky quilt for my son’s bed.  I started the project a while back and it was going along well until I realized I hadn’t bought enough fabric for the sashing/border.  I guess that’s the pitfalls of making up a pattern as you go.  The missing fabric was a Michael Miller lightweight denim.  I looked high and low for the fabric and finally gave up and quit working on the quilt.

But in the spirit of Make it Do… and of finish what I start…  I decided to find a different fabric for the border.  It made me a little sick to to it, but now that it’s all pieced and just needs the borders, I kind of like the way it looks when I lay it all out with the new fabric for the top and bottom borders.

The blocks are inspired by a quilt in the book The Quilts of Gee’s Bend and I love how unpredictable they are- kinda, sorta a bull’s eye.  The more I think about it, using a different fabric is perfect for the spirit of a Gee’s Bend quilt.

It’s nice to finish up a few niggling projects.

Next up:  Maybe The Farmer’s Wife, since my friend Amber asked if I’d like to make it with a group of other local quilters, and I’ve got a new quilt I’m designing that I’m really excited about.

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4 Responses to “Wrapping up”

  • kat:

    Wow! Both quilts are beautiful. I’ve never made a quilt and have no idea how to get started. It amazes me to look at these beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing and please add any info for those of us with no mentor or experience.

  • Dayna:

    I especially like the point quilt. It might be cute to do a prairie point border on it with coordinating fabrics! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Have you ever tried bar tacking instead of tying? You use a long (5″ or more) needle and a long sturdy thread, then do all the tacks in one continuous process at random, tunneling beneath the top layer to the next tack. You don’t need to mark it, you don’t need to cut & tie. I did this with my son’s quilt and was able to use a large hoop instead of a frame. So much easier. I did baste the layers together first.

  • [...] the fabrics for the pillow came from scraps from the half square triangle on point quilt that will be in the same room.  I’m still hand quilting the half square quilt, which might [...]

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