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Make it Do Gift Idea: Embellishing Gloves

Here’s perfect gift idea for the kids in your life.  They’re even great for grownups, too.  These gloves can be purchased just about anywhere… the grocery store, Walmart, Target, even at JoAnns.  And they usually cost around $1.

I try to buy a few pair for my kids to wear at recess.  Recess is notorious for claiming hats, gloves, sweatshirts… and even an occasional coat (then there’s trouble!)  Losing a pair of gloves that cost $1 is quite a bit easier to stomach than loosing a pair of expensive gloves.  So maybe they aren’t the warmest, but recess isn’t that long.

But I hate to give a plain old store bought gift… and then my Mom came up with a quick way to embellish these gloves, taking them from ordinary to fun.  And it only takes a few minutes.

Start with DMC Wool Floss and a darning needle.  I doubled the thread.

Starting at one side of the top of the glove, stitch a half stitch, then stitch as second half stitch, completing a cross.  Bring your needle half way between the points of the cross and then repeat completing a second cross.  Last you can stitch a small stitch in the center of the snowflake.  And just that easy, you have what looks like a snowflake… or a star.

I stitched three on the top and bottom of gloves… so it doesn’t matter what glove you put on which hand.

Black for the grown ups… perfect for keeping in my purse or car.  Red for the kids… you know, for recess.   They were so easy, a perfect last minute gift idea.

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