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Cluck. Cluck. And Sew a Camera Strap

I love Cluck. Cluck. Sew.  It’s always one of my favorite blogs to drop in on and find inspiration galore. I’m thrilled to have Allison here today to show us her wonderful tutorial.  I wish I had this stylish camera strap on my camera right now.  If there’s one thing I’m doing today it’s taking lots of pictures.    Take it away Allison…

Hey all you Make it Do readers! I’m Allison from Cluck.Cluck.Sew. and I’m so excited to be here guest posting for Calli while she’s on vacation! Today I’m going to share how to make a cover for your camera strap. Lets get to it!

These are really easy, and make a great gift. They fit any standard DSLR camera strap, (Canon/Nikon) my strap is about 2″ wide. I made mine two sided, but if you wanted just one fabric, just make one strip about 5.5″ wide.

1. Cut two strips 2.75″ by 26″ long.

2. Sew the strips right sides together, then press seam open.

3. I made mine padded with Pellon fusible light fleece interfacing. You need about 5.5″by 26″. This is optional of course, I like the feel of the padding, but you can skip this step if you don’t mind the hard strap. Iron on the fusible interfacing according to directions, and trim excess.

4. Fold one end in about one inch, and then again over one inch to hide the seam and make a clean finish.

5. Sew edge down for a clean finish, I sewed three lines, 1/4″ apart so the ends will be more sturdy and it looks more polished.

6. Do the same thing on the other end, the finished strap after the ends are finished will be about 22″ long.

7. Sew right sides together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. If you think the finished cover will be too big for your strap, you can make a wider seam allowance to make the cover thinner. Keep in mind you want the cover about half an inch or so bigger than the strap, so its easy to slide on and off.
8. trim the inside edge seam allowance, it makes more room to slide the strap in and out.

9. Turn inside out (the hardest part) and iron and your done! Slide in your camera strap and viola!

Thanks for crafting with me today! You can visit me anytime at Cluck.Cluck.Sew for more tutorials and quilt patterns. Thank you Calli for letting me guest post today and have TONS of fun for all of us! -Allison
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19 Responses to “Cluck. Cluck. And Sew a Camera Strap”

  • Nancy:

    I just had to chime in…
    My Antonia is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE books. (It’s a toss up between it and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn–probably another ‘make it do’ book you would enjoy). I love Willa Cather and I hope you enjoy My Antonia.

    I recommend the ‘Five Finger Rule’ for choosing a ‘just right book’. You can see it here:

    Enjoy your summer reading!

  • what grade level/reading level is emma? i teach third grade and know lots of great books from 1st grade to 6th grade. i second the five finger rule–that’s what my kids use.
    here are some books my kids [students] like:
    the fly guy series (1st-2nd)
    mercy watson (that’s kate dicamillo) (1st-2nd)
    junie b. jones (1st-2nd)
    horrible harry (1st-2nd)
    amber brown (2nd-3rd)
    capt. underpants (3rd)
    bunnicula series (4th)
    hank zipzer (3rd-4th)
    spy x (5th)
    …and there’s many more. :-)
    diary of a wimpy kid (5th)

    • Emma is in 2cd grade. She read all the Mercy Watson books in 1st and 2cd and loved them. She just finished the Fantastic Mr. Fox and read it fairly easily. I love the list there’s few on there I don’t know, like Hank Zipzer and Spy X, they sound great for Ben. We also love the Bunnicula series. Thanks Natalie.

  • Christen:

    The Devil in White City was fantastic! I read it last year and had a hard time putting it down :) I read Because of WInn Dixie with my then 8 year old last year and we LOVED it! It was especially fun to read out loud with a southern accent ; ) I don’t especially struggle with finding books for my 9 year old but I do for my beginning reader – she wants to read chapter books but struggles with them at times. We’ve already been through all the Junie B Jones series. She likes goofy,silly books so I’m still on the look out for her. I just read Ralph and the Motorcycle to my 5 year old and he loved it! Looking for something fun for him as well. Enjoy your trip!!!

  • That is fantastic. I was hoping to break out my new sewing machine this week (biting nails) maybe this will be my first project.

  • Awesome!!!! I hope you don´t mind if I feature on my blog.
    Hugs from Brazil

  • WOW, I might have to break out the sewing machine. I have all the material and stuff needed. I have not sewn a stitch in months.

  • Oh fantastic! I have a new camera, but the strap sometimes scratches my neck. I can’t wait to make this for my camera strap. Thanks for the tutorial!


  • Hello! I want to subscribe! I want to subscribe! :0) But when I click on the email icon, the options to subscribe under feedburner don’t seem to be working. HELP!

    • Calli:

      Charlene, sorry you are having problems. If you click on the email or RSS icon it should take you to this page: http://feeds.feedburner.com/MakeItDo From there on the top right hand side of the page there is a subscribe now box. At the bottom of that box you can see links to subscribe by email or RSS feed. Hopefully that should do the trick, but let me know if you are still having trouble.



  • Angela:

    I just made this tonight and it turned out great! You were right, when you said that turning it right side out was the hardest part. Especially when I made mine slightly narrower than yours to fit my camera strap! :) Still loved the outcome though! Thanks for the instructions!

  • Jean:

    I made this out of pre-quilted fabric. I did not use any pellon since it was quilted. I turned out fine.

  • Toni Schommer:

    I would like to offer an idea that would make the turning of this strap much easier. When you are sewing around the edges of the inside out strap, attach a long piece of yarn at the sewn together end. All you need to do then is to pull the string when you want to turn it out, and the end will come right out! Hope this helps!

  • I found this post after finding the car seat canopy tutorial through a google search. I was desperately looking for something to sew while my son napped and this was it! I used some leftover quilt batting for padding since I don’t have any fusible fleece interfacing. I’m so please with my camera strap cover! Thank you so much!!

  • Couldn’t find a camera strap in the print I wanted so your tutorial is a blessing! Merry Christmas to me! (;
    Thanks so much!

  • Alyssa:

    I just made this camera strap today. It took about an hour and turned out perfect. Thanks for your tutorial!

  • Mechelle:

    Just made this following the tutorial!!! Love it! Thank u!!

  • hey, I just made this today and it came out wonderful.
    However I did use different material. Instead of fusible fleece I used felt which is a bit thicker. I pined it in place til I sewed the edges. It worked wonderful and the extra thickness is soooooo comfortable. I just want to wear my camera 24/7. lol.

  • LOVE this! Simple and easy to understand!!! Thanks so much :)

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