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Another Peek

The picnic quilt top is finished… without any effort on my part, I might add.

You see, it was at my mom’s home…

And my sisters and I know, any quilting or sewing project left at my mom’s accidentally or otherwise, is somehow, magically finished overnight.

The back is a very dark lightweight demin… heavy enough for spending it’s time on the ground… but light enough to not weigh the quilt down.  This backing is perfect for hiding stains too- an essential element of any picnic quilt back.

The pattern is easy for a beginner quilter.  But easy as it is, there is nothing boring about this little picnic quilt. The stripes really give it energy.

I will share photos of the finished quilt as soon as it’s back from being quilted.

I am also working on a very fun “Quilt Carrier”- just perfect for any picnic quilt, which I can’t wait to share.

The pattern for the quilt is now available in my Pattern Shop.

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14 Responses to “Another Peek”

  • Sharon Budge:

    Oh Calli! I love how it turned out! Can’t wait to see it quilted. Btw were you at the Cedar Hills Walmart yesterday at around noon? I thought I saw you from a ways. Hope you had a great Independence Day! Sharon

    • I wasn’t at Walmart, it must have been a twin. I dropped into American Quilting on Friday and hoped to see you there. My daughter had an eye appt. and we had give time for her drops to work… just the perfect amount of time for me to pop in and see all the wonderful fabrics. I was sorry you weren’t there.

  • What a fun, fabulous picnic quilt! Your mom is the best!

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it immensely. So much to admire and inspire…

    Happy Picnicking!

  • Rose:

    Very pretty! Mom/daughter crafting is such fun. My girls and I are planning a craft day today!

  • That turned out so darling!

  • Aren’t moms wonderful. The quilt is lovely. What a great picnic quilt. Great colors and themes. Your mom is the best.

  • Was that accidentally left or on purpose? What a good mom! Your quilt is stunning and I can’t wait to see it finished!

  • Camila Lipsi:

    Hi, CallI! I wanted you to know that I just got addicted to your blog. I do not follow many blogs but I can say that ‘Make it Do’ is now in my short list of favorites! I love your pictures, your texts and recipes. I got here yesterday through an Apple Pie picture posted in PW’s blog and I wanted you to know that I already made your Eggplant Parmesan and pie crust in less than 24 hours :-p Bottom line is that all the effort you put on your blog is so valuable. Thank you so much. And I might be your first follower from Brazil!

  • What’s your Mom’s address again;)

  • caila611:

    I love the colors! I’m working on one myself and actually am using denim for the back as well! Must be nice to have a mom that helps out with projects.

  • Gorgeous quilt!! I love the black and white pop.

  • dawn:

    i love this! that green with the black & white is awesome!

  • Marla:

    That is gorgeous! I love all of the tutorials on your blog!!! I can’t wait to try them!!!

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