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A few small things

I just have a few little things to share today.

I’m calling these my “half time hexies” and with all three of my kids playing soccer this fall, this project has a good chance of getting done.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be a pillow for my family room sofa.

I’m using 1/2 inch hexagons and am completely in love with them.  They sew up so quick and sweet.

Yesterday I was up at the crack of dawn… or even earlier.  I love going out on my porch swing early in the morning and sewing, but it was too dark.  So instead I made our first batch of pumpkin chocolate chip bread of the season.

Pumpkin bread is not something I make in the summer.  Even though most days the weather is still in the 90′s, I can feel Autumn in the air.  The light is changing and summer has lost it’s bite.

Did you know pumpkin bread is the breakfast of champions?

I shared the recipe a long time ago and it is DEE-licious.

Here’s a wonderful little gift I received from a friend who visited London this summer.  She bought it at the British War Museum if I remember right.

The book is a reprint of a book printed by the British government during WWII encouraging citizens to “waste not”.

This book is full of amazing tips about mending and caring for clothing, sweaters, socks, etc.  It also has wonderful ideas on how to transform clothes and give them new life, like a adding fabric to a top that is too short or unpicking and reknitting a sweater that is worn out.

I’ve enjoyed reading through and getting ideas from this little book.

Other books we’ve been enjoying around our home are:

Follow the River is the book my husband just finished reading.  I’ve read it twice over the years and I would read it again.   It’s a historical fiction based on the true life story of a remarkable woman in pre-Revolutionary War frontier America.  It’s an incredibly inspiring book about courage and survival.

Ben can’t get enough of Gregor The Overlander.  I have to turn off his light at night, since he’d read past midnight if I let him (and then be grouchy the next day).  This book is the first in a series by Suzanne Collins geared for younger readers.  I’d say it’s appropriate for 4th or 5th grade and up.  Ben is in 6th and he loves it.

I just finished reading aloud Holes to my kids.  What a great story and a perfect read-aloud.  I sort of wish I’d never seen the movie, the book was so much better!

That’s it for today.  I’ve been hard at work on a few new patterns, and hope to have more to share soon.

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7 Responses to “A few small things”

  • I love the hexagons! So cute!

    Vintage books are so fun. My friend has a pregnancy/baby care one that was her grandma’s. Pretty funny to see how things have changed and what’s stayed the same.

    I agree-Holes is a great book and way better than the movie.

  • I absolutely love those great hexie flowers! It’s always nice to hear about books as well!

  • maureen:

    What fun things! Absolutely agree about pumpkin bread. I’m wondering if adding pecans might be overkill, but maybe not…:) And who can’t help but smile at the hexies? Adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  • Baker4Boys:

    Love your blog! – And your Make-It-Do attitude! You are inspiring! …Thanks for sharing about the books you all read – we love to read, but I’m not a fast reader, so sometimes I shy away from reading something (for myself) I’m not confident will be good. Your recommendations have never let me down! I am going to my local library to check out Follow the River soon. I think I’ll buy a copy of Gregor the Overlander for my nephew (who also just started 6th grade – and loves to read!). Holes is going my read aloud list for my school-ages kids. =) Thanks again!!

  • Karen:

    Hope you continue with your blog for always! I love looking at your projects even though I don’t quilt. Some day soon maybe. Just became an empty nest.

  • Sherry Parton:

    Where is the pattern for the “half time hexies?” I think they are so cute.

  • Followed a pin of your quilt pattern and discovered your blog!

    I loved reading to my kids when they were little. My favorite time was in the evening, as I would put the finishing touches on dinner and while the kids set the table, my husband read to us from the old book, “The Borrowers”. I know the made a so-so remake of an English movie of the same title. Check out the book! Your family will love it!

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