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Thread Catcher Pattern now available

The Thread Catcher Pattern is now available in the Make it Do Pattern Shop. It is perfect for staying clean and organized while quilting and sewing. Pattern includes instructions and photographs for making the thread catcher basket, and base with pincushion. Keep your sewing space neat and tidy with a wide open wastebasket. The pattern [...]

Winter Days

January should be a month that goes by slowly… but this January has simply flown by. I’m wanting snowed in days, soup and warm bread days, stitchy days… slow days. I’m happy to have gotten in a little time at my sewing machine at least.  Phew.  It feels so good. I’ve started playing with a [...]

Back in the Saddle Again

Howdy, my dear friends.  I’ve been away for a while.  I’m so grateful for the many messages from friends checking in on me, that I’ve received… and yes I am OK.  In fact I am wonderful.  But this wild horse ride of life took off on me. I’m so happy to be back… I haven’t [...]

Happy Halloween

I have just a quick post today to share our costumes.  But before I get started, if you haven’t already, be sure to leave a comment for the Hungry Jack giveaway— $175 Visa gift card plus Breakfast Celebration kit is such an awesome giveaway! Our costumes this year are Make it Do, but still turned [...]

Caught Up Half Way- Bees Knees

I’ve been working on a little catch up for my Bees Knees Quilting Bee.  The first block is for the wonderful, sweet, and talented Trish. I had purchased the Swoon Pattern a long time ago, but had never made a block.  So I was thrilled that Trish picked this block… and sent me such pretty fabric [...]

Be Joyful Always…

I don’t have any finished projects to share today. But I am in the home stretch of my “Be Joyful” embroidery, thanks to the few minutes I’ve had, before games and at half time, during a busy soccer season.  One last flower and a few last accents and I’ll be done. I’ve enjoyed every minute [...]

Scrappy Trip all pieced

A few weeks ago I finished piecing my scrappy trip around the world quilt. In the end, I made my quilt 6 blocks by 6 so the finished quilt is a nice sized throw at 72″ x 72″. Today I’m going out to get the back.  I can’t wait to baste it and get it [...]

The Alpine Days Quilt Show

I feel like I’m taking a small breath after weeks of craziness.  Actually, this week is still crazy.  But at least I have a few moments to myself when the house is quiet… School began this week.  My son, Ben started junior high this year.  What more can I say?  It’s huge.  It’s exciting.  It’s [...]

Pickledish Progress

The pickledish blocks from my Bees Knees Bee partners have been arriving in the mail.  Thank you Bee friends!  It’s so fun when your packages arrive. This quilt is going to be so awesome! I’ve had multiple requests to share the revised arc template that I created from Aneela Hooey’s original free template.  The lines I [...]


The last few weeks I have taken a small break from blogging. I’ve hardly even turned on my computer!  It’s been an important and busy time with my family.  And I am wiped out!  As if to make sure I knew it was time to take a break, yesterday I woke up with a summer [...]

Bees Knees June Blocks

I am thrilled and honored to be part of another year of the Bees Knees Quilting Bee. This month’s block is for Sherri McConnell from a Quilting Life, and I was super excited when her fabric arrived in the mail- a Christmas themed Scrappy Trip. Scrappy Trips are so fun and easy to make that I had to [...]

Strip Quilt from Scraps

My mom has been working on a new quilt for the last few weeks and I love it so much, I asked her if I could share it. Over the last many years, when she finishes a project, she cuts some of the scraps up into 1-1/2″ to 2″ strips, in varying lengths. She’s saved [...]

Timeless Traditions Giveaway Winner

I’m a little late announcing the Timeless Traditions pattern giveaway winner!  With kids home and a whirlwind of projects and activities, I’m not really sure what day it is… Congratulations Heidi!  Send me an email to callimakesdo at gmail dot com with your mailing address, so we can send out your pattern. Just a few [...]

Timeless Traditions Giveaway

Today’s giveaway has a very special place in my heart.  I am honored to host a pattern giveaway from a new pattern company, Timeless Traditions, by Norma Whaley. There are few women I know who are more talented than Norma. Beyond the fact that Norma’s patterns are wonderful, I am happy to share today’s giveaway [...]

Lucky Day

Hurray for fun packages in the mail! I could hardly believe when last week I when I dropped by one of my favorite blogs, nanaCompany, and saw my name. In the sweetest graphic, it read “Congratulations Calli”. How fun is it to win a giveaway!  And to get packages in the mail. It’s even better [...]

Small Doings…

Oh my! May!  What a month.  It’s a whirlwind. My snowball Viburnum is in full bloom, as is my lilac, my bridal wreath spiraea, and lots of flowers. I am working on a pattern for the thread catcher.  Slowly.   It’s not hard, but my time is getting pulled in too many directions, so it may [...]

More Bees Knees – Blocks for Sinta

I finished my Bee blocks for Sinta.  It’s a modern Dresden… destined to be an octagon, with an octagon center.  Super fun! Since you are turning the ruler in alternating directions, you get two blocks from the same pieced strip.  I always like when you get a two for one. I definitely struggled a little [...]

Virtual Quilting Bee – Block #5 Tutorial

Welcome!  I’m so happy to be hosting the Block #5 tutorial for the Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by my dear friend, Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter.  I am honored (and a little humbled) to join such wonderful quilters in contributing a block. If you are visiting for the Bee, I’m glad you dropped [...]

Zipper Pouch Fun

The past few days, I’ve been making zipper pouches. They are fast and easy, and totally addicting. The tutorials I’m using are from Noodlehead.  This one is the Open Wide Zipper Pouch. They make a perfect gift. I love how easy it is to customize them to fit the person you are giving them to. [...]

Bees Knees Quilt

Life has been so topsy-turvy around here, I’ve let more than a few things fall behind this month. So this week I’ve been trying to catch up. I was happy (and relieved) to finally send off packages of fabric for all my Bee partners.  Because ready or not, April is my month!  Better late than [...]

April Showers

It’s cool and rainy this morning, and I love nothing better than being snug in my home on a day like this. I got out early today and took a few photos in my yard between the rain showers.  I just love when the forsythia is in bloom.  It’s right outside my kitchen window and [...]

Kite Day Quilt Pattern Now Available

This quilt pattern has been a LONG time in the making. I had the idea of making a kite quilt several years ago, and sketched out different ideas.  Should the quilt have kites or just kite tails? How should I make the kite tails?  Ribbon? Applique? Then one day I was looking at a single [...]

A Thread Catcher

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  We had a quiet, relaxing day yesterday.  It was so warm, we went on a long walk in the afternoon.  Even though our neighborhood is still brown from Winter, we are starting to see spots of a happy yellow, with daffodils coming up and the forsythia [...]

A Quilt for Ruthie

I’ve never shown the finished quilt that my 10-year-old daughter Emma made for her doll Ruthie. She machine pieced the Dresden Plate and borders and appliqued the plate by hand. The other thing she did by hand was the quilting.  Yes, I did think about having her restitch this section.  I have concerns about its [...]

Friday Inspiration

I’ve got projects in progress and nothing finished to share today. Instead, I thought I’d share a bit of what’s inspiring me lately from some of my favorite bloggers. I’ve been stitching a new embroidery, which reads: “Be Joyful always Pray and Give Thanks” When I saw the pattern I knew it was something I [...]

February Bees Knees Blocks

I finished my February Bees Knees Blocks yesterday, on the last day of February. They are for Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs.  The block for this month was actually two blocks.  This quick and easy block above. And a sweet little house block.  I loved fussy cutting the Simple Life fabric by Tasha Noel from [...]

Quick and Easy Mending Kits

This past Monday I taught a little class about mending to a group of 10 and 11 year old girls. Since we had a small budget, I put together inexpensive mending kits for each of the girls, inspired by a video tutorial on Martha Stewart. Is there no end to the wonderful uses of the [...]

Tips for Sewing at your Kitchen Table

I dream of having my own sewing and craft room with a big, sunny window, and lots of lovely organization. But until then I sew at my kitchen table. On the bright side, sewing in the kitchen means that I am always close to my family.  My kids can work on their homework at the [...]

Holiday Trip Around the World

This holiday weekend my husband and kiddos have been obsessed playing a new video game together. Which happily has given me time for my own obsessions. I started a new embroidery which I’m totally in love with. And I since there has been so much lovely inspiration all over the quilty blogospere, I jumped aboard [...]

Sweet Dreams Quilt

I’ve shared a few progress posts of my half-square triangles on point quilt, here and here.  But I’ve never shared a photo of the finished quilt. This past week I received a package in the mail with the latest issue of the new magazine Quilt it… Today. Inside is a wonderful feature of my quilt… [...]

Nervous Nelly Blocks

I thought I’d share some of the blocks I worked on last week during the nervous wait while my Dad was in surgery. It’s a sort of a “Lady of the Lake” inspired block… though I’m still toying with the layout. I really like the pinwheels that are made at the joining of some of [...]

Nervous Nelly

What do you do when you are nervous? I’ve been cleaning my house frenetically…. and now I’m starting work on a new quilt. It’s mostly 30′s prints… and I’m loving the colors.  And hoping the work will help to keep me calm. My Dad is having surgery this morning to have both knees replaced. This [...]

Catching up on Bee’s Knees and more

My husband asked me yesterday, “are you ever going to write a new post for Make it Do?”  I’m tired of seeing your Farmer’s Wife, he said. I love that he reads my blog… and he is right, though I’ve needed the break to replenish, it’s time for me to get back into the current [...]

Resolutions to be a Farmer’s Wife

Happy New Year to you all! December was the hardest working month of my life.  So ever since Christmas, I’ve been doing next to nothing. I’ve been mostly unplugged… loving the time I’ve been able to spend with my family. The snow has been falling here… making our home feel cozy and warm.  We’ve been [...]

Christmas Stitching

This is the busiest December I can ever remember.  I’m up to my up to my eyeballs in cookies again this year. Despite all the cookies and all the work, I’m trying to work on a few little sewing projects.  I’m making bed warmers for gifts. And here and there, I’m working on a new [...]

Bee’s Knees Lone Starburst Block

I’m still playing catchup for my Bee’s Knees Quilting Bee Blocks. This is the October block for April. It was paper piecing and I’ve found something out about myself:  Paper piecing goes against my nature.  I’m just too “waste not” to be very good at it.  I even called my friend Amy to talk about [...]

A Few Little Things

Hi there friends.  I’ve been playing hooky lately to catch up with some ongoing projects. So, I thought I’d share a few of the small things I’ve been enjoying. This is a string block for my Bee’s Knees Block of the Month.  It was so fun to make… and the perfect block to use my fabric [...]

Happy Friday Giveaway Winner!

Happy October Friday!  It’s a cold and rainy day and my kids are home for Fall Break.  Since my son is sick with a sore throat and stuffy head, my kids are happy to watch movies while I sew today… and I am thinking a yummy soup and maybe bread sticks are just what the [...]

A Bag for all Reasons Review and Giveaway

Last week, I received the new book, A Bag for All Reasons by Lisa Lam on my doorstep.  I’m so excited to also have a copy of Lisa’s book available to give away today, but first, here’s a little bit about the book. There are so many good projects in this book from purses to [...]

Zippered Bag for on-the-go projects

A couple of weeks ago a few friends and I got together to make zippered bags. One of our friends, the very talented Erica (from Pink Suede Shoes) has been making lots of zippered bags lately, and I’m so glad she was there to guide us through.  While I was super excited to make a [...]

Canning Day Quilt Pattern

I’m so happy to be able to share my newest quilt pattern – Canning Day. Maybe it’s the time of year, but as I created this quilt, I kept thinking of neat rows of jelly jars cooling on my kitchen counter.  The squares in the quilt even made me think of pieces of  fabric used [...]

Gee’s Bend Inspired Boy’s Room Quilt

A few weeks ago my mom delivered the Gee’s Bend inspired quilt that we designed together and made for my son, Ben.  She picked it up from being quilted by my very talented Aunt Karen, just in time for his birthday and delivered it to me with the binding almost finished.  Yeah! This quilt was [...]

Black, White and Red plus Q-tips Giveaway Winners

I’ll share the winners of the Q-tips sponsored giveaway in a moment, but first I have a few quilts to share. Yesterday I dropped by my Mom’s home to get a little help with a project I’ve been working on. I was also excited to see my Mom’s latest creations. The first is a black [...]

A few small things

I just have a few little things to share today. I’m calling these my “half time hexies” and with all three of my kids playing soccer this fall, this project has a good chance of getting done.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be a pillow for my family room sofa. I’m using 1/2 inch hexagons and [...]

August Bee Block

Today is August 31 and, just in the nick of time, I finished my August Bee’s Knees Bee Block. This month’s block is for Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side. When I opened the package in the mail at the beginning of the month, I think my jaw dropped.  The picture cannot begin to show [...]

Quilts at Historic Moyle Park

A few weeks before school started, we took a tour of Historic Moyle Park in our hometown of Alpine.  The park is full of old farming equipment and one room log homes that were moved to the property.  There’s even a fortified tower that the Moyle’s built in case of an Indian attack.  But the [...]

New School Lunch Boxes

My kids started school yesterday.  I watched them climb the steps of the school bus with a great twist of my heart.  I am not ready for them to go.  They are growing way too fast. But like it or not our summer is over and my kiddos are another grade older. Since my girl’s [...]

End of Summer Quilt Lessons

Our summer has almost come to an end.  My kids start school in one week.  After a few weeks of us all staying up WAY too late to watch the Olympics, it’s time to get back a semblance of order.  Even if I do have some withdrawal from watching Rhythmic Gymnastics (have you ever seen [...]

Bees Knees Block for July

Since I’m just getting around to posting my Bees Knees Bee Block from July, you might say that summer is getting the better of me. July’s block was for Nedra of Cactus Needle Quilting.  My mom knows Nedra and has spoken so highly, not only of what a super talented quilter she is, but also [...]

One Quilt Block – Two Ways

A month or so ago, my mom and I talked about a block for a quilt she was interested in making and possibly teaching at a retreat. We looked around for a pattern, but couldn’t find one.  We drafted out the block and over the phone and talked about all the many possibilities for the [...]

Summer rolling along

It’s been such a hot, dry, hard summer. But despite that, there is always sweetness to be found.  Like in this box of apricots that came from a friend yesterday. I’ll be putting up a batch of apricot jam this afternoon.  And eating the rest. Are you tired of my Farmer’s Wife blocks?  I hope [...]

Fun surprise in my mailbox

Do you remember my Squares and Stripes Picnic Quilt Pattern? Months ago I bundled and boxed up my quilt and shipped it off… And over the weekend I received something fun in my mailbox. It was a copy of the Fall issue of Easy Quilts by Fons and Porter. Inside was a feature of my [...]

In Between Cleaning

How do you deal with stress? Rather than start drinking…  I’ve chosen a few more constructive outlets. I’ve been deep cleaning bedrooms and purging old toys, clothes, and more.  For a girl who really doesn’t love to shop, I’m amazed at how much there is to give away.  Lightening my load feels so good. In [...]

June Bee’s Knees Block – Improv

I was behind on my Bee’s Knees Bee Block, and I’d like to blame it on Summer. But actually I think I was a little intimidated by June’s bee block.  Excited to try it, but intimidated. Erika, from Pink Suede Shoe, sent out a fun, bright bundle of fabric- all turquoise, pink and yellow.  The [...]

I have a little problem…

I have a little problem. I’m having way too much fun making Farmer’s Wife blocks… I love playing with the pretty fabrics.   This is block 61 – Northern Lights. I’ve loved picking fabrics that match the name of the block.  For block 77- Seasons, I chose the orange and light brown for Autumn and [...]

Shabby Apple Winner and a little Farmer’s Wife

I’m officially addicted to Farmer’s Wife… though I can tell my color palette might give me a few fits.  It’s not easy to find muted 30′s. The right block is #84 – Spool. But first, the real reason for posting late this evening is to announce the lucky random winner of the $75 Shabby Apple [...]

Farmer’s Wife Primer

For the last year, I’ve loved following the progress of all the Farmer’s Wife Quilts around the blogoshere.  The range of styles, fabrics, and colors have been an inspiration. I’ve had the book on my shelf since last summer.  I’ve leafed through it.  I’ve read the wonderful letters, full of wit and wisdom, that inspired [...]

Star Bee Block

A few months back I made a fancy star block for my Bee – The Bee’s Knees.  The block was for the wonderfully, talented Sherri of A Quilting Life.  Since then I’ve had some requests for a block tutorial. This past week I’ve been driving my son and his friend to Salt Lake for a [...]

Dresden Patriotic Bunting

Last week I was looking at the cheerful bunting I have hanging in my kitchen nook.  It is spring toned 1930′s fabrics and realized I need something new and fun for summer. What I really wanted was something that echoed a traditional scalloped patriotic bunting. Then the idea hit me.  A Dresden for a bunting.  [...]

Kitchen Table Projects and Giveaway Winners!

My kitchen table is groaning under stacks of fabrics, books, and projects.  It’s a good thing my family can eat at our kitchen counter! I’ve just finished my May Bee’s Knees block for Amy.   Just in time for June’s Block. I’ve also made her a 6 inch block.  The blocks don’t really looks like they [...]

Pet Mat Tutorial

Yesterday I whipped up a couple of projects for the fine feathered and furred friends in my life. This is Mumford our English Budgie.  He loves to sit on our shoulders.  He whistles and says, ” Pretty Bird.  Pretty, pretty bird.”  He also says “Whistle, click, click… that’s my trademark.”  (name that movie).  And “Give [...]

Book Bags for Teachers

It’s the last day of school.  The kids just ran out the door. The last thing Ben said as he was running out was, “I’m so bummed 5th grade is over.” It’s been a great year for him.  He’s had great kids in his class and a great teacher. She is Native American, a Lakota [...]

May Madness (plus a Giveaway winner!)

College basketball championship finals doesn’t have anything on the crazy pace of May for moms and kids.  I’d think it was just me, but lots of my friends are in the same mad sprint….  soccer tournaments, ballet performances, swim tryouts, school carnival, end of year luncheons…. It’s mostly really fun stuff, but don’t think I’m [...]

In the wee small hours of the morning

When I’ve got lots in my heart and on my mind the first thing I loose is sleep. I can go weeks without a good night’s sleep.  I can exercise or work in the garden all day long.  My body can be so darn tired, and I’ll still I lay awake for hours that night.  [...]

Early Mother’s Day

I’m not really in the habit of buying myself Mother’s Day gifts.  My husband is one of the best gift givers I know, so I don’t have to compensate by buying my own.  He gives me gifts that I really love… like well-made garden gloves, a perfect soup ladle, a tubtrug or a bird’s nest [...]

Easy Perfect Circles

I recently shared the Dresden Plates made by my daughter and me. She made her’s at my mom’s house.  I  had made my center and was hand appliqueing it on when Emma came in with her plate. I looked at her center…. then I looked at my center. Doh! Her center was perfectly round. My [...]

Playing Hooky

I have so much to to do this week- fun stuff like filling out medical insurance applications, filing a bunch of paperwork from our taxes and bills, and making dentist appointments for everybody.  I was super busy last week making lunch for the 65 teachers and staff at our school on Thursday and then catering [...]

The Bee Knees Block

I’m part of a new quilting bee called the Bees Knees. A few weeks ago I received my first fabric in the mail- a Moda Bella White and two fat eighths of Lecien Happy Mochi Yum Yum from Sherri of A Quilting Life. She said she wanted a sampler and that she loved pinwheels, stars, [...]

Quilts for Kit and Ruthie in Progress

My girls went on a sleepover to their Nan’s house over the Spring Break last week.  While they were there they had a little quilting lesson… and took full advantage of her wonderful 30′s fabric collection. One Dresden Plate quilt and one hexagon for their 1930′s dolls- very time period appropriate I’d say. The hexagon [...]

Every Cousin Needs a Hoodie Towel

Yesterday our family headed to the courthouse for  a very happy occasion.  My sister and brother-in-law adopted two sweet little children that they have been fostering for the past nine months. My daughter said as we drove to the celebration lunch after the court.  “There is nothing better than new cousins!” Never mind that the [...]

Easter Towels

After a long time sitting in a drawer, I just finished up this little Easter dish towel. I started it several years ago, but never finished it or the tutorial I was going to make with it, because I ended up getting what I thought was the flu and then having unexpected surgery. The original [...]

Oh My Stars! Quilt Pattern

Oh My Stars! Quilt Pattern is now available. This quilt was created by my mom, Leslie Ison.  The wonderful stars are made with triangles pieced in the sashing. It may look daunting, but it’s actually easy and fun to make. As my mom pieced together her quilt, she kept thinking of her mother’s favorite expression, [...]

Oh My Stars! Mr. President!

I’ve been missing for the past few days, I know. It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been writing quilt patterns… which is not for the faint of heart.  My goal is always to be clear and to keep my instructions simple and complete.  If only the goal was to be wordy and hard to understand [...]

Kite Strings Quilt

I just finished putting the binding on my newest quilt. I played with the idea of using half square triangles to make kite string ties over a year ago, but I couldn’t decide how I wanted to make the strings. Then about a month or so ago I was looking at vintage quilts and noticed [...]

Mother May I Make a Hexagon?

A few months back I went out to lunch with a friend and she brought a lovely pillow to share that she had just finished putting together. Sometime after the lunch I was talking on the phone with my mom and mentioned Amy’s wonderful pillow and that it made me want to start sewing hexagons [...]

Wrapping up

I decided that before I was allowed to work on any new projects, I needed to wrap up a few old projects.  I just finished piecing my half squares on point quilt. Now for the big decision, do I want to hand quilt?   I’d love to, but the size has me a little worried – [...]

Weekend Projects

It was a lovely, good, long weekend with lots of time to relax and enjoy. While we watched Masterpiece Theater’s Sense and Sensibility and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, I helped my girls sew new dolls from Alicia Paulson’s wonderfully sweet book, Stitched in Time.  (Alicia is the creator of one of my favorite blogs, Posie Gets [...]

nanaCompany Needlebooks

I thought I’d share a little gift I gave my girls for Christmas this year.  The tomato pincushions are from a tutorial found here on Martha Stewart.  The embroidery scissors, while not the world’s best scissors, are a big step up for my girls.  They are great at cutting embroidery floss and yarn, which is [...]

Fabric Love and Other Things

My New Year’s Resolution:  Don’t buy fabric unless I KNOW what I’m using for and how much I’ll need.  It hasn’t taken long, and I’ve kind of broken that resolution already. I stole a piece of this floral fabric (Karen Snyder from Timeless Treasures) from my mom last month for a few projects.  I loved [...]

Book Review and Giveaway: Sew What You Love

Last week I received a lovely surprise in the mail.  It was a copy of the new book by Free Spirit fabric designer, Tanya Whelan. Sew What You Love: The Easiest, Prettiest Projects Ever I love Tanya’s fabrics so I couldn’t wait to read through her book. There are 30 projects ranging from wonderful bag [...]

Row by Row

It’s a wonderful thing about mothers, sometimes they teach you how to do something… and then they teach something infinitely even more important by their example. Yesterday I spent the day with my Mom working on a quilt.  We almost finished my quilt and I love sewing and learning from her. – – – – [...]

Stitching Birds

After school yesterday I invited my friend’s daughters over to stitch with my girls. I let the girls pick through scraps of wool to find colors they liked. We traced the little bird template onto freezer paper, pressed the freezer paper to the wool and cut them out.  The girls were surprised that the paper [...]

Christmas Garland

I’ve hardly gotten out of bed this past week thanks to my bad cold.  I’m still a little loopy today, but I finally got my traced template scanned to share with anyone interested in making a Christmas garland. My traced letter template can be downloaded by clicking here.  The template is in a very rough [...]

Christmas in Progress

This past weekend I got started on my Christmas Garland. While I haven’t found holiday sequins, I already love making this project. It’s so fun to feel like I’m stitching in my grandmother’s footsteps.  After playing with lots of fonts in Illustrator, I opted for tracing my grandmother’s garland by hand rather than using a [...]

Old New Merry Christmas Garland

Yesterday I picked up this wonderful Merry Christmas garland from my mom.  It looks like something that might have been just made yesterday…. But it wasn’t.  It was made in the early 1960′s by my grandmother and sister, my great aunt Lola, who made 10 or more of them for their sisters and sister-in-laws. The [...]

Small and Sweet New Treasures

Last week when my mom gave me my new quilt, she gave me a few other little gifts. The first was this wonderful Dresden plate trivet.  She had spotted one on NanaCompany and couldn’t wait to make one of her own. I am having a hard time thinking of putting a bubbling casserole on it… [...]

Lovely Star Quilt

“Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels” -Henry Wordsworth Longfellow Yesterday my mom gave to me the quilt she made for my birthday. The pattern is called Lovely Stars and was inspired by an antique quilt my mom saw in a magazine.  When [...]

Mummy How To by Melissa of the Polka Dot Chair

What are you going to be for Halloween? My daughter took one look at this wonderful Mummy costume and knew ancient Egypt was calling her name.  Emmahotep. This costume fit exactly what I was looking for too… a costume that used materials I had on hand and was light on sewing. The Mummy costume was [...]

A nanaCompany Halloween

I am thrilled  introduce you to the very talented Amy of nanaCompany. Several months back I found nanaCompany while wandering on quilt sites and immediately saved the address.  I am amazed that Amy only started blogging only last March.  She has captured my heart with her lovely projects and photography.  I love to drop by [...]

Scraps for Fall Leaves from Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew

Over the next week I am taking a break to spend time with my family.  While I am unplugged, some very generous blogging friends have kindly assented to help me out. I will share links to wonderful Autumn and Halloween projects from a few of my favorite blogs and bloggers. Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew [...]

Owl Embroidery Template

I’m halfway done with my Halloween pillow.  My fabric stash failed me when it came to finding the right piping… or ruffle maybe.  Dang.  I think it needs to be a brown… but not a check, since the orange is a check.  It looks like I need a quick trip to the fabric store. I [...]

A Bag For All Reasons

I am thrilled to share my new bag pattern “A Bag For All Reasons.” This easy to make tote is so versatile you’ll wonder how you lived without one for so long. The Bag for All Reasons is a simple sturdy little bag that could…. Perfect for dance or gymnastics class, this easy bag pattern [...]

Autumn Weekend

The maple tree in front of the doorstep burned like a gigantic red torch.  The oaks along the roadway glowed yellow and bronze.  The fields stretched like a carpet of jewels, emerald and topaz and garnet.  Everywhere she walked the color shouted and sang around her.  The brown leaves crackled beneath her feet…..  The excitement [...]

Tracing your Embroidery Design Three Ways

There are lots of solutions for tracing an embroidery pattern to fabric.  There are printable transfer papers and iron-on patterns. Or there is the low tech method of simply tracing your pattern by hand to fabric.  I’m so low tech, that I typically trace by taping pattern and fabric in a sunny window or if [...]

Spooky Needlework

I’ve got a few spooky projects in the works for Halloween. This is the rough draft of an embroidery pattern I’ve been designing.  It’s based on an old 20′s print I’ve kept for a few years as inspiration. I’ve started it as a brown work… but now I’m not so sure and may add more [...]

September Love

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.” Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885 Oh September!  You are one of my favorite months of the year. And to prove what a lovely month September can be, the weather that was in the 90′s yesterday, will [...]

New School Bags

My girls needed new school bags this year and since I’m sooo on top of things, I started thinking about them in early summer.  I fiddled with some designs on paper wanting to make a new pattern, but thanks to busy summer days that flew by faster than a roller coaster ride, that plan flew [...]

How to Sew a Toothpaste Carrier

I’ve been using Arm & Hammer Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Toothpaste for well over a month now and am very happy with the results.  I like the more natural flavor and the smooth clean teeth feeling it leaves after brushing. I especially love how the baking soda in the toothpaste knocks out bad breath.  A [...]

School Clothes Round Up and Gift Card Winner

It’s more than time for me to get sewing for school. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some “hand me down patterns” from a good friend.  I’ll be making both the dress and top from Sandi Henderson’s Portabellopixie Claire Pattern. I told my girls I would make the dress pattern without the [...]

Half Squares on Point

I’ve started making a new quilt for my family room sofa.  I just know it’s going to be used, abused and loved. The blocks are so quick and easy.  But without a lot of a time to sew lately, I figure I’ll just chip away at it making 10 or so blocks a day. I’m [...]

Early Morning Projects

No matter how I try or how late I stay up, I usually wake up bright and early- with the sun. This summer I decided I didn’t want to get up and try to be productive. Instead, I head out to the porch swing to stitch in the quiet of the morning.  The birds sing.  [...]

Easy Breezy Summer Dress Pattern

I’m so happy to announce that the Easy Breezy Summer Dress Pattern is ready! Thank you, thank you for all the great name ideas.  I think I retyped the name at the top of the pattern at least 10 times.  I especially loved the Hawaiian names.  This dress makes me think of Hawaii and South [...]

New Summer Dress

I am so excited to give you a sneak peek of my very first dress pattern. I wanted to design a stylish swimsuit cover up dress for my girls.  But I also wanted it to be fast and easy to make. The pattern is being tested in different sizes to make sure the sizing is [...]

Porch Swing Makeover

Remember this old porch swing.  I inherited it last year when my parents replaced it with a new one.  My husband said he would rather it be donated to the thrift… or thrown in the garbage.  I, on the other hand, saw nothing but a lovely opportunity.  I’ve always wanted a porch swing. But last [...]

Choosing a Quilt

My mom called me the other day. I have a certain birthday coming up this summer that she thinks is kinda monumental. It starts with a 4. And ends in an O.      Doh! I’m a little dubious about the whole thing… like maybe her numbers are off… I think I should be turning something like [...]

Review: Slice Fabrique from Making Memories

The Blogger’s Quilt Market Meetup is just around the corner and we are pleased to have Making Memories and the Slice Fabrique as a sponsor for the event. A few days ago, I received a surprise package on my door step. The wonderful folks at Making Memories were kind enough to send me a Slice [...]

A Book Review: Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli

A few weeks ago, I received a package with Jennifer Paganelli’s new book Girl’s World: Twenty-One Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls inside.  Jennifer of Sis Boom kindly sent us several copies to be given away at the upcoming Blogger’s Quilt Market Meetup.   Of course this book could not have remained unopened in a [...]

Good Egg- Easter Tee-Shirt Tutorial

Last week I whipped up a little Easter Tee for my girls… When I say whipped up, I really mean it.  This is a quick and easy project.  It is also very inexpensive.  I picked up the tee-shirts for about $4 each from Old Navy and all the rest of the supplies were leftover from [...]

A Mini Sewing Lesson

My girls have done lots of handwork when it comes to sewing.  They’ve made pillows, dolls, stuffed animals and embroideries.  But up until recently we haven’t ventured onto the sewing machine. It’s not for lack of interest.  They’ve probably asked to learn every time they’ve seen me sewing for the last 3 years.  That’s more [...]

Tiny Dresses

My apologies for the inconsistent nature of my posts this past last week.  We’ve had a death in our family, so things have been very difficult. Despite that, I do have a little something to share. Birthdays are coming and the sewing must go on. I looked high and low for 1930′s dress patterns for [...]

Ruffled Hand Towel Tutorial

Here is an easy way to add a little loveliness your bathroom. The plain old hand towel in my bathroom was just that.  PLAIN.  I decided it needed a little makeover. I started with a simple white towel and added three rows of ruffles using a white 100% cotton fabric. You can buy premade ruffles, [...]

In Search of a Mate

The missing sock phenomenon…  it is such a mystery. I can understand the kid’s missing socks.  The are known to clean by shoving things under the bed, in the closet, or pretty much anywhere but the laundry hamper. But when my husband and I loose a single sock…  that’s were the mystery gets interesting.  We [...]

The Reading Quilt

For my son’s first birthday, my mom gave him a book along with a cozy tied quilt.  The quilt top was Alexander Henry fabric with scenes of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  On the back was soft flannel and in the corner was an embroidery to keep track of his favorite books.  Whenever  my son [...]

Advent Calendar Pattern Now Available

First, I want to thank you all for the overwhelming encouragement to create this advent calendar pattern.  I am so happy to say it is finished! Sewing the Advent Calendar was an absolute joy and it’s even been tested by my intrepid testers. For this new version, I was able to use what worked well from [...]

Advent Calendars

A few years back, I made this fabric Advent Calendar for our family.  It was based on my husband’s recollections of the hanging advent calendar his family used when he was a boy. Their advent calendar had been made out of burlap, which I seriously considered, but in the end I made ours out of [...]

Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween and all I have to share is a few pictures of costumes… I haven’t had time for much else this week.  I did keep the swearing under control…. but I must confess a profound dislike of satins, crepes, polyester broadcloth, and sheers… With costumes I hold to the galloping horse philosophy.  If you [...]

Almost there…

I am almost finished with my Reading Quilt Pattern.  I hope it will be in the Pattern Shop by sometime next week. The embroidery label for a girl’s quilt is designed and finished.  Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed stitching it? This quilt is going to my darling niece Abby.  I know [...]

Make Do and Mend: Aprons to the Rescue

As part of my series on mending, a few of my friends have complained about little holes they get in the front of their shirts.  Yes!  I said, I get them too! Do they happen to you too? You know, holes right where your shirt rubs against your jeans.  I usually get several holes right [...]

In progress

I have little stacks of fabric all over my kitchen table right now. I’m pretty sure we’ll be eating dinner at the counter for the next few weeks. I have more than one project in the works, but this quilt is my favorite. I love the fabrics…  They are part of the Love Birds Collection [...]

Crazy for Zig Zags

I created this zig zag pillow tutorial for a guest post on Ucreate a while back, but I wanted to share it here as well. Not long ago, I was strolling through Anthropologie online and noticed a wonderful zig zag pillow that really got my wheels turning.  The zig zags were so fresh: geometric and [...]

Rise and Shine Dishtowel Tutorial

Whenever a new season rolls around, I love to give my kitchen a lift by hanging up a new dishtowel.  It’s a small thing, but it’s always a welcome change. When I spotted the Farmdale fabrics from Alexander Henry at a local quilt shop it spoke autumn to me. I just had to bring a [...]

Make Do and Mend: Patching a Knee

I have been thinking of writing a series of posts on mending for a while.  Last year, I wrote about how to mend jeans with a rip in the rear… that really rolls off the tongue…. which was practical, but not at all stylish. For those mending projects I don’t have a clue on- such [...]

Night Owl Bag is in the Pattern Shop

The Night Owl Bag is now available in my Pattern Shop. It’s such a nice, big, roomy bag.  It’s perfect for loading up all your favorite things for your next overnight adventure.  It’s also easy to carry, even for little pip squeaks like my girls. I am so happy with how this bag turned out, [...]

The Night Owl Bag Pattern Set

I’m so excited to share photos of my new pattern: The Night Owl Bag Pattern Set This bag pays homage to some of my favorite elementary school memories. To Kristen and Chelle Hammer: If you are out there reading, this bag is dedicated you… To our all-night adventures, to nail polish and popcorn, notebook plans [...]

Sewing School Clothes

Do you buy  or sew your kid’s school clothes? Or like me, do a little of both. For me, sewing clothes for school seems like a right of passage. And when you have little pip squeaks of girls like mine, it makes it easier to have clothes that actually fit when they are custom made. [...]

Lovely Hair Clip Flowers

Holy cow, it’s almost time for my kids to head back to school… and that means one thing: My project list is very long. Since I might be the most hairdo challenged person on the planet (my girls can only dream of french braids), the only hope my girls have of looking cute is hair [...]

Squares and Stripes Picnic Quilt Pattern

Just in time for late summer and my favorite fall picnics, it’s the Squares and Stripes Picnic Quilt pattern. A checkerboard made of easy nine patches make this a speedy quilt to make. And to “channel” all that checkerboard energy is four vibrant strips. We’ve chosen a lightweight very dark denim to back our quilt. [...]

Lavender Sachets

Far and away, the most useful flower in my garden is lavender.  I use it for a number of different projects including Lavender Eye Pillows, Lavender Bottles and Sachets.  I love they way it smells… clean and not too sweet. Lavender sachets are not just for my lingerie drawer.  A sachet is wonderful in a [...]

Another Peek

The picnic quilt top is finished… without any effort on my part, I might add. You see, it was at my mom’s home… And my sisters and I know, any quilting or sewing project left at my mom’s accidentally or otherwise, is somehow, magically finished overnight. The back is a very dark lightweight demin… heavy [...]

“Babushka” Tutorial

Emma and Lily have worn their babushkas everyday since I made them last week.  They are fun and practical… and apparently quite comfortable… since they won’t take them off. Here’s how to make one (or 2 or 3):  This tutorial is for a child sized babushka, but it can easily be made larger for an [...]

Is it a Babushka?

Update:  I’ll be posting the Babushka Tutorial late Monday afternoon for those who are interested.  I’m off to Cub Scout Camp at the crack of dawn this morning… and will be putting up the tutorial when I get home.  Wish me luck!  I’ll count camp a success if we all have fun, and nobody gets [...]

Checkers Picnic Quilt in Progress

Last week I continued quilting lessons with my mom by working on a new checker board quilt.  We wanted to make a picnic quilt that was whimsical and easy. The idea of a checker board just seemed too fun. But my first thought was… with all those small squares, this quilt will take forever! Not [...]

Picnic Basket Part 4: Salad Bowl Cover

The inspiration for this project came from the talented Mayaluna of maya*made.  She posted a tutorial on making a picnic bowl cover strap, made out of an old shirt, no less. I loved her tutorial so much, I decided to make a whole cover for a picnic salad bowl to match my picnic basket. This [...]

Picnic Basket Part 1: Napkin Flatware Rolls

It’s Picnic Week at Make it Do.  I’ve got some fun projects and recipes I can’t wait to share. Our family loves going on a picnic.  So this year, I decided it was time to invest in a set of Melamine plates, instead of continuing to use wasteful disposable plates.  At only $2 per plate [...]

Bunting Inspired Ribbon Buttons

I love the 4th of July and this time of year I start thinking of all things red, white and blue. The look of a classic bunting is on my mind.  So this morning I pulled out some of my supplies of ribbon and fabrics and started to play around. This little bunting inspired ribbon [...]

A new baby car seat cover

I have a new baby niece born last week.  Little miss Lauren Jane is the sweetest thing, with a head of soft brown hair and looking just like my lovely sister-in-law. For a gift, I made her a car seat cover from the tutorial I made in January. The fabric was too sweet for words [...]

My teacher’s gifts are in the bag…

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!  But I finally decided to make my kid’s teachers the Lickety Split Bag from Made by Rae.  I love the look of the bag, and the name sounded promising for a procrastinator. And Rae was right.  This bag not only sews up lickety split, it is a [...]

I’m all a buzz, Nanette from Freda’s Hive is here

I am so pleased to welcome Nanette from Freda’s Hive to Make it Do.  Nanette happens to live in my same town, and though we’ve never met in person, I feel like she is a dear friend.  She is also an incredibly talented quilter.  More than once, I’ve happened into a local quilt shop and [...]

Cluck. Cluck. And Sew a Camera Strap

I love Cluck. Cluck. Sew.  It’s always one of my favorite blogs to drop in on and find inspiration galore. I’m thrilled to have Allison here today to show us her wonderful tutorial.  I wish I had this stylish camera strap on my camera right now.  If there’s one thing I’m doing today it’s taking [...]

Dear Diary, I need a new Messanger Bag…

I’d like to welcome Amy from Diary of a Quilter.  Amy is not only very talented and funny, she’s also a good friend.  We met through blogging… but luckily for me our friendship has spanned into real life.  Amy and I have more than a few things in common: We both love all things British [...]

Garden Apron Tutorial

Hurray, I finally finished this post!  Making this apron was so much easier than writing about it.  How many times can you get interrupted, I ask you?  And still keep your head in the game?  But all’s well that ends well.  So here’s my apron tutorial. This apron is just perfect for the garden… or [...]

An Apron for the Garden

I am famous for leaving things where ever I go.  This is especially true when I am in the garden.  When I weed a garden bed, I take along my pruners, a trowel, a hand rake, a weeding tool and a large bucket.  My tools start in my bucket, but that’s were the weeds go. [...]

An Apron for Mom

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, there’s still time to make your Mom something special. A beautiful apron can be made in just a few hours, you can find fabrics and patterns to suite every style, and they are so useful.  Even if your mother doesn’t cook, there are aprons that are more [...]

Gee's Bend Inspiration

I’ve slowly… very slowly gotten to work on my son’s quilt for his bedroom.  The hardest part has been coming up with the pattern I wanted to use. Ben liked a bull’s eye pattern… but I wanted something just a bit more rustic… maybe to tone down the very bright fabrics going into the quilt. [...]

Quilt’s at Moyle Park

My mom, Leslie and her friend Norma are launching a website for their quilt pattern company, Remember When Pattern Co. This weekend my husband and I took some of their quilts out to photograph them for the site.  We took them to Moyle Park in Alpine, Utah.  It’s a pioneer history park at the site [...]

First Sewing Class

Yesterday was my first sewing lesson for our after school clubs at our local elementary school.  Since my class is mostly 1st and 2nd grade students, my thought was to keep it simple.  I decided to teach one type stitch and sew a project to accompany it each week. I made these little sewing cards [...]

Quick and Easy Fabric Headband

Making a fabric headband cover is easier than you think.  It all starts with inexpensive thin headbands from the grocery store. For this project you will need a small piece of fabric…. mine was 15 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ and your cheap headband.  Oh, and a sewing machine. The first step is to measure your [...]

Shamrock Pin for a Headband… and more

Top of the Mornin’ to ya.  First off I wanted to thank you all for your encouraging words in response to yesterday’s post.  Even though I had determined myself not to let criticism bother me… your support really lifted my spirits.  Thank you. Now to a bit of St. Paddy’s Day fun. After I finish [...]

Cutting Fabrics for a Quilt

I hope there are a few other beginning quilters out there who can benefit from the lessons I’m learning from my mom as I make a quilt for my son.  Choosing fabrics was the first in my series of posts on beginning quilting. My next step is to cut all my fabrics and get them [...]

Choosing Fabrics for a Quilt

Remember this stack of fabric?  They are for a quilt for my son’s bed. Although I sew quite a bit, I am not a quilter.  I am lucky enough to have a mom who is a very talented quilter.  She has taught quilt classes for years.  And it’s always so tempting to let her “help” [...]

Going Pink with Girly Skirts

I finished Girly Skirts from Pink Figfor my girls yesterday.  I think they may not take them off ’til next year. They really are girly girls. I made these skirts for Valentine’s Day.  But I chose fabrics that go beyond the holiday… no overt hearts here. The Girly Skirt Pattern is quick and easy.  The [...]

Valentine Flags

My sister-in-law Marcie inspired this cheery little project (She wanted to make one for her home).  This January has been so dreary… I think I’m craving a bit of color to brighten up my house.  A Valentine Bunting seemed like the perfect thing.  And it project uses fairly small pieces of fabric and can be [...]

The 20 Minute Dish Towel

I wanted a quick easy, dish towel for February- a “keep it simple” project.  This little dish towel took me 20 minutes to make.  A few months ago I ran across this fabric at a quilt shop and bought enough for one towel, thinking to make a towel for Christmas.  But  that didn’t happen.  And [...]

Baby Car Seat Cover Tutorial

This car seat cover was a quick, fun project for me.  It makes a perfect gift for a new baby.  Mine is for my new baby nephew, Isaac.  A cover is wonderful for keeping a baby asleep, warm and safe from germs when out in public. This is a project where you can definitely employ [...]

Baby Isaac’s Car Seat Cover

Our family was blessed with a new baby nephew this past November.  He is the sweetest thing, you just want to kiss his chubby little cheeks.  But being a bad (or busy) Auntie, I am just getting around to finishing a gift for little Isaac. During the Winter I loved to keep a blanket over [...]

Tea Towel Apron from Skip to My Lou

I am happy to welcome the very talented Cindy from Skip to My Lou as a guest contributor.  I love dropping by her site for inspiration. Today she is sharing her easy, stylish Tea Towel Apron.  This is definitely a perfect gift idea that can be accomplished in the eleventh hour.  Cindy writes: A Tea [...]

Make it Do Gift Idea: Embellishing Gloves

Here’s perfect gift idea for the kids in your life.  They’re even great for grownups, too.  These gloves can be purchased just about anywhere… the grocery store, Walmart, Target, even at JoAnns.  And they usually cost around $1. I try to buy a few pair for my kids to wear at recess.  Recess is notorious [...]

Make it Do Gift: Felt Poinsettia

Yesterday, my girls and I were working on a few Christmas gifts for their friends.  One thing led to another and I found myself making yet another flower pin.  This time a Poinsettia.  I loved this project and ended up making two for my girls, and plan on making more.  They are perfect as a [...]

Christmas Eve Cozies

Every Christmas Eve, I give my children one gift, a new pair of pajamas.  Opening a gift seems to break the tension just a little bit, even if it’s  something practical. Some years I have bought pajamas.  Some years I have sewn fancy nightgowns for the girls, and PJ’s for my son.  But my kid’s [...]

Make it: A Snowman Kit

Last year we received a snowman kit from one of my dear friends as a Christmas gift.  A few days after the gift arrived, we had an epic storm and the kids spent hours playing in the snow and building their wonderful snowman. It was such a fun idea, and I was sure I could [...]

Make it Do Gift: Cozy Bed Warmers

A cozy bed warmer is one of my favorite things.  Put them in the microwave for a few minutes and they work wonders for cold feet, aches and pains, or plain old stress relief.  Bed warmers make a such a wonderful gift.  They are easy to make, inexpensive, and both pampering and useful. For years [...]

Make it Do Gift Ideas: How to Make Fabric Flowers

A few weeks ago, I decided to wander through Dear Lizzie, a small boutique near my home, to look for Handmade Christmas gift ideas. Right as I walked in the door, I spotted the perfect project.  It was a darling fabric flower pin, and I knew it would be easy to make at home.  It’s [...]

Just in Time- Harry Potter Quidditch Costume

With a busy morning of getting everyone in their costumes, we just had time to snap a quick shot of my son in his Quidditch uniform before running to catch the school bus. I am happy to say I finished his costume without staying up til 2:00 am.  Sewing the costume jersey was actually was [...]

Two Harry Potter Costumes Down and One to Go

I’ve done it again.  I’ve somehow managed to leave costume-making to the last minute, despite best intentions.  I’ve finished my girls Hogwarts school uniforms- a little Ginny and Hermione. But my son’s Quidditch costume, which I have had to completely design is still in the early phases.  If I am up until 2:00 am tonight [...]

Squirrel Dish Towel Tutorial

Making a decorative dish towel is really easy and a great way to decorate your kitchen on a budget.  A decorative dish towel makes a wonderful gift and is easy to customize.  Try one with pom poms instead of rick rack or use an owl, bird or fruit template for the design.  You can even [...]

Squirrel Dish Towel

I love making projects for my kitchen.  It is the room of my house I spend the most time in.  So when I saw a wonderful squirrel towel at Anthropologie I knew I needed to make something like it. The dish towel from Anthropologie costs $18.  It cost me $3 to make it at home.  [...]

Looking forward to new projects…

Now that Summer is over, the kids are back in school and the Wedding is over, I am looking to starting some new projects.  I would love to make an Autumn table runner and a new wreath for my front door (I love the wreath above from Martha Stewart.)  I better start thinking about Halloween [...]

Sewing School Bags

My kids started school last Thursday.  I started sewing school bags for them on Wednesday and optimistically thought I might be able to finish their bags that day.  But I didn’t.  It took me until Sunday to get them finished.  And it wasn’t because they were hard…  they weren’t.  In fact they were really fun [...]

Three Little Birds Bag

I received this wonderful bag as a gift from my Mom this past weekend.  She created it using upholstery fabrics she bought on sale at Hancock Fabrics and wool fabrics she has collected over many years.  She is always on the look out for good wool and even buys old army blankets and wonderful old [...]

Lavender Eye Pillows

I have so much lavender in my garden, and I love finding ways to use it.  Making a lavender eye pillow is a perfect fast project… and they make a wonderful homemade gift for friends.  You’ll also want one or two for yourself of course. I harvest my lavender in the morning on a dry [...]

Cozies for the Night Owl

My kids affectionately call homemade pajama bottoms “Cozies”  and they prefer them to anything from the store by a mile. I just finished these sweet little owl fabric pajama bottoms for Emma yesterday and after sleeping in them last night, Emma asked if she could wear them during the day today.  I asked if they [...]

Fireworks in the Kitchen- Table Runner

My kitchen table is in need of some serious sprucing up for the 4th of July.  I went looking for ideas and, as I often do, ended up at Martha Stewart’s website. I wanted a project that wouldn’t cost a lot to make.  These firework pom poms were just what I was looking for. But [...]

Spruce Up Dad’s Gift with a Custom Label

I love gifts that are personal and homemade.  But making a gift for my husband is always a challenge for me.  Anything too cutsy is just not him.  Every once in a while I hit it just right… like the year I made him a reading/TV quilt.  He uses that a lot. This year I [...]

Cupcake for a Cowboy

My favorite little cowboy is turning one year old next week.  His name is Sean and his mom, Cherie’ is one of my dearest friends.  I wanted to make him something special for his big day.  How about a bib for him to wear while he eats his birthday cake? I never made bibs for [...]

Wear it out…

I guess ripping the rear end of your jeans isn’t a new thing. What’s new is throwing those ripped jeans in the trash can.  My grandmother would cringe if she knew some of the things I used to throw away. But these days, I am learning to “Make it Do” and that means learning to [...]

Embroidery Lessons on a Rainy Day

If you live in Utah or near by and get the TV station ABC4, check out Good Things Utah today at 10:00 am.  I am giving away my flouncy little apron and ribbon flower pin from Give Away Today to an audience member.  On Friday I will be giving away a half apron at Give [...]

Flouncy Little Aprons

I love wearing an apron.  I put one on when I am cooking and forget to take it off.  They’re just so comfortable and convenient.  I always have a place to dry my hands or a handy pocket to put something into. (Is it just me or does everyone have a large collection of doo-dads [...]

Ribbon Flower Pin Tutorial

I thought with pretty good certainty that the last corsage I would ever pin on was at Senior Prom in High School. But I was wrong.  A few weeks ago I visited the Quilting Cottage in American Fork, Utah.  I love the Quilting Cottage, which is not only a quaint little store, but they have [...]

Scraps for a Book Cover

Do you remember the skirts I made for Lily and Emma out of scraps?  After they were done, I still had leftover fabric.  I couldn’t just let it go to waste.  I found the perfect way to use them when a friend showed me the handmade book covers her daughters had received as gifts. With [...]

Making Something Wonderful… Priceless

Have you ever looked around at all the wonderful free patterns available?   When you are making it do, free is such a good thing.  Most of the free patterns available are quick and easy.  You can make a gift for a friend or even something nice for yourself. Here are a few free patterns or [...]

Motherhood and a Dishtowel

There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.  – Jill Churchill I really need to remember this quote on days like today.  My kids got up at the crack of dawn… I went to bed late… not the best combination.  It was just one of [...]

Scraps for a Skirt

Do you save your scraps from quilting or sewing projects?  If you don’t, you might be missing out. I have been saving scraps from the many aprons I’ve sewed over the past two years.  I also borrowed a few scraps from my Mom to make these darling Pink Fig Patchwork Skirts from Pink Fig Patterns [...]

From Plain Jane to Fancy Nancy

The weekend weather was cold, rainy, with some snow.  I don’t know what was worse, Ben’s baseball game in the cold wind or his soccer game in pouring rain.  It made him feel tough to play in the weather, and was a great excuse for hot chocolate, so he didn’t mind. Instead of doing yard [...]

Making an Easy Easter Table Runner

After making several quilts using polka dot fabrics, my Mom had some great scraps.  So we got together yesterday to “Use Them Up.”  The fabrics were mostly small pieces, so we had to be creative.  The end result was this wonderful table runner just in time for Easter. You can make your own Runner using [...]

Make your kids something Ugly

Lily and Emma have been talking about Brookie’s ugly doll for weeks…  “Brookie shared her ugly doll with me on the bus.  Will you help me make an ugly doll like Brookie?” Brooke is our darling 8 year old neighbor.  Santa brought her a sewing machine for Christmas.  And she has been putting it to [...]

Rabbits Prefer Chocolate and so do I

Just to get you in the mood for Easter, take a look at “Rabbits Prefer Chocolate.” Quilt designed by  http://bunnyhilldesigns.com Since it has been snowing and cold here I need something to help me think it’s Spring.  This week I will show you a quick and easy table runner for Easter and Spring (if you [...]

Four aprons…

I admit it, I am in love American Girl Dolls.  If they had been around when I was a kid, I would have been in seventh heaven.  Luckily for me, Lily and Emma love them too.  Kit Kittredge and Ruthie Smithens are American Girls from the 1930′s.  Their stories teach resourcefulness, determination, and hard work.  [...]


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