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Your Garden May Need a Few Volunteers

What do these flowers in my garden have in common?

Answer:  They all came from hardy volunteers.  By that I mean, they reseeded from another plant in my garden.

That plant either spread in the same area, or sent it’s seeds to a different part of the garden and the plant grew.

Either way, the new plant is usually welcome in my large flower beds, saving me from having buying plants to fill in empty areas.  They are most welcome because I  usually move the small plants to areas of my garden where I think they will look nice and be a great addition to my garden.

When you are weeding, be on the lookout for seedlings that might be volunteers from established plants and either move them, or enjoy them right where they grow.

To move a hardy volunteer, simply dig all around the plant, leaving a nice clump of dirt so as not to disturb the roots.  It’s best to move plants either early in the morning, or in the evening, and not during the heat of the day.

Don’t forget about your friends either.  It’s fun to exchange and share plants that come from volunteers.  Many plants in my garden have come from volunteers from my mother-in-law Kit’s garden.

Some of the annual plants I’ve loved that send off hardy volunteers are:

  • Cosmos
  • Larkspur
  • Canterbury Bells
  • Love-in-a Mist
  • Cleome
  • Allysum

Some perennials that send off volunteers (though I am not really sure if they call perennials “hardy volunteers”) are:

  • Daisies
  • Columbine
  • Lavender
  • Anemone
  • Coreopsis

While some volunteers can seem a bit weedy at times, I welcome most in my garden as a way to save money and keep my garden in bloom.

Now if I could just get a few volunteers willing to weed my gardens!

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2 Responses to “Your Garden May Need a Few Volunteers”

  • Kim:

    My favorite kind of flowers – the ones that show up without any effort on my part! ;)

  • Love this! My neighbor gave me a few columbines a couple years ago and they have flourished in my yard. I also gave my mom some of my lambs’ ear and sage and they’re doing well in her yard. Ahhh…who doesn’t love free flowers?

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