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Flouncy Little Aprons


I love wearing an apron.  I put one on when I am cooking and forget to take it off.  They’re just so comfortable and convenient.  I always have a place to dry my hands or a handy pocket to put something into. (Is it just me or does everyone have a large collection of doo-dads in their pockets each evening?)

On June 12th, I am giving away this lovely half Apron above on Give Away Today…  It is a pattern from one of my favorite apron pattern books, Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates.

Emily from Give Away Today also asked if I would be willing to give away an apron on the television program Good Things Utah on Tuesday, June 9th.  I thought it would be a great excuse to try out a new pattern.

After looking at more than few patterns I settled on the Flouncy Little Apron by Barbara Brandenburg.  For the fabrics, I took the drive around the mountain to Material Girls Quilts and was not disappointed… the only problem I had was which of the many wonderful fabrics to choose.

I loved making this pattern.  The apron is darling and the instructions were easy.  And yeah, it is a perfect place to pin my flower.


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8 Responses to “Flouncy Little Aprons”

  • Kim:

    I’m bumming at the moment. We’re leaving on vacation Saturday for a week. So I won’t be around for the Good Day Utah show AND I won’t be around for the Give Away Today. Humph.

    OK. I’m over it. Mainly because I’M GOING ON VACATION!

    Darn cute apron. And I’ve added that book to my Amazon wish list.

  • jami:

    Congratulations on the TV program spot! That’s exciting!! These aprons are beyond darling… I’ve never worn an apron; however, maybe if I had one this lovely I would! :)

  • Cute, cute aprons! I love aprons. I need to make myself a new one. Also, I’m craving pulled pork and cold slaw right now. I’m going to have to try that recipe!

  • Chammer:

    Oh my gosh girl, this apron is absolutely THE most adorable apron and the model looks great in it. Did you say there is a tutorial for it. Please, please say yes. I’ve been unable to work for 2 yrs due to back surgeries and health problems so my finances are slim and none. I have to say I sure do enjoy the cute things I am seeing though. Just found your blog and love the Make It Do theme.

    I’ve been pretty cooped up the last 2 years but am fortunate to have a decent selection of fabrics in my “stash”. I’ve been so blessed by some of the most terrific blogs and the free patterns and tutorials they offer. The patterns enable me to be productive and continue to make things for others and sometimes for myself. I look forward to following your blog.

  • This is so beautiful. In the past year, I’ve been gifted with two vintage aprons and one handmade apron. How lucky am I? I love all of my aprons. I’ve just requested this one for Christmas from my MIL who surprised me last year with the handmade apron.

    (We did a vintage/handmade gift exchange last year in the whole family).

  • Deborah:

    What a beautiful apron! I just stumbled across your blog and it is wonderful! I love when I am able to stretch something a little bit further or find another use for an outdated item. Your blog is definitely going on my “must read” list!

  • Bonnie Nyquist:

    I just found your blog while looking for something else, you can imagine I felt divine intervention when I saw you and that apron…Flouncy Little Apron! Please tell me what fabric that is and it is the Flouncy Little apron,right? I am an apron-a holic , I love whta you have made,the fabric is fabulous!!! That ruffle around the top is out of this world!!! I never would have imagined that pattern looking like that made up,thank you!!!!

    • Thank you for your kind words the picture is actually of my favorite babysitter! Isn’t she lovely. The main fabric and then polka dot are both Amy Butler. I can check the stripe and let you known next week. Oh yes it is the flouncy little apron
      pattern. And it is very fun to make. Cheers, Calli

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