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Happy Haunting

It’s one of my favorite days of the year.

We pulled off costumes with MUCH less effort than in years past.  Yeah!  No sewing until 1:00 AM on Halloween’s Eve.  Lots of hot glue and lots done by my kids.

But the costumes still turned out wonderfully… and cheaply thanks to recycled dance clothes, used sheets and granddad’s old military uniform.

Emma’s mummy costume required the only scant sewing that needed to be done.  She was able to do some of the sewing on the machine herself… which was fun for her and nice for me.

My son’s 5th Grade (and the 6th Grade too) hosts a wax museum every Halloween, which means his costume needed to be a notable American.  He chose Major Richard D. Winters of Band of Brothers fame and a hero of World War II.

My son loves World War II history just like I do.  As part of the Wax Museum, Ben wrote a report about Winters.  Each student answers questions about his/her character when the other students and parents wander through the museum.

Next year for 6th grade he’ll choose an international historic person for his costume for the wax museum…  maybe Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Sir Isaac Newton?  Knowing my son, it’ll be another soldier- Genghis Khan or Richard II here we come.

I hope your Halloween is deliciously scary and fun.

Happy Haunting!

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