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3 Minute Strawberry Smoothies

Everyone has a favorite smoothie recipe.  Some smoothies are a lot of work, this one is super quick and easy.

Now that strawberries are inexpensive and sweet at the grocery store, this is a favorite quick breakfast treat or fast after school snacks, before we are off to soccer practice or gymnastics.

Add a 16 oz. package of strawberries to the blender.

I don’t use a knife.  I simply pull of the leaves from the top of clean strawberries and throw them in the blender.  Pioneer Woman leaves the leaves…. do you?

I need to try it, but I haven’t yet…  it’s just a quirk, but old habits die hard and my mom always removed the leaves.

Speaking of my mom and smoothies.  I grew up with them, but the other day my mom told me that her mother always made smoothies when she was a child in the 1950′s.  That really blew my mind.  Somehow I pictured smoothies being invented of the 1980′s or something.

My grandmother would make orange smoothies and throw in a raw egg…  My mom says they were cold, frothy and delicious.  Nowadays that smoothie would be a sin!

Back to my smoothies.  Throw in a banana, this will give nice sweetness.

I love to add some sort of frozen fruit.  It makes the smoothie nice and cold.  Today it was some frozen blueberries.  I love the color, flavor and nutrition from blueberries.

I also pour in a about a 1/2 cup of liquid.  It can be milk but I always use orange juice if I have some.

And last but not least a cup of yogurt.  It can be plain or flavored.  I try to add flavored if my strawberries aren’t top notch flavor, it gives some sweetness to the smoothie… and creaminess.

And blend it all up.  That was three minutes tops.

My kids love to drink their smoothies with a straw.  It’s a quick and easy breakfast or snack that I can feel pretty darn good about.

What’s your favorite smoothie?

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13 Responses to “3 Minute Strawberry Smoothies”

  • EG:

    I had a similar smoothie for breakfast yesterday. I like the greek yogurt (which I see you’re using) for the added protein. Makes it stick with you longer!

    I take the leaves of my strawberries but I did add some frozen spinach. :) With the blueberries you can’t even tell the spinach is there.

    • Calli:

      Tomorrow I’m adding the frozen spinach! What a great idea. I’ve wanted to put spinach in, but rarely have fresh spinach just hanging about in the frig. I always buy for recipes on demand because it doesn’t keep long. I also love using Greek Yogurt. I’ve noticed I don’t get hungry as fast when there is a bit a protein in the mix.

  • I love the rasberry smoothies,of course I love rasberry anything!

  • Tauna:

    I just stumbled onto your site!
    TOTALLY in love!
    Thanks for the tutorials!

  • I love making smoothies. I usually stick to my strawberry, banana and van yogurt. I am thinking about adding in some broccoli. I heard you really can’t taste it when you add it in. It sure would help me in adding in more veggies to my diet. LOL

  • Nichole:

    I also always add spinach to my smoothies. I frequently buy the large tubs of fresh baby spinach from Costco/Sams for salads and other recipes. You can’t beat those packages for the price! Even though I love a good spinach salad, it is hard to get for us through the whole thing before it goes bad, so I blend up the remaining spinach with a little water to make a smooth, thick puree. Then I pour this into ice cube trays, freeze until solid, pop out of the trays and store in a freezer ziplock bag in my freezer. Then when I make a smoothie I can easily grab a few spinach cubes to throw in the blender. It helps make the smoothies cold and icy, and I love the added nutrition. I agree with the other commenter that if you use blueberries you can’t see any green color. Try it!

  • McKelle:

    My sister in law (who is a big health food nut) just told me that she throws some frozen chopped broccoli into her berry smoothies. I tried it this morning, and didn’t notice it at all. My girls had no idea I put it in there either.

  • Jill:

    We love peanut butter and banana smoothies. And for a healthy kick sometimes I add kale or fish oil.

  • Meaghan K:

    My mum used to make us “egg flip” – which was milk, raw egg, splash of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of raw sugar. I’m not sure how good it is for you but they taste great – If my kids need a pick me up I make it for them in summer with some ice. They love it.

    Thanks to everyone for the spinach idea, will definitely be making soemthing with that.

    • Jan:

      Yes, that’s exactly what we had as kids, which we called egg nog. Yum! But I get shivers when I think about drinking a raw egg now.

  • Rocio:

    I grew up drinking milk shakes in the morning before heading to school. My mom would put strawberries, milk, banana and a raw egg. Later in life my friends thought it was odd to put a raw egg in a milk shake. My father used to drink a glass of orange juice with a raw egg! Not sure if I could stomache that!

  • cbuffy:

    If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a raw egg, get some of the pasturized eggs in a carton. Egg Beaters or the Egg White ones (if you are avoiding yolks…) Makes for a great smoothie! Gonna have to try the broc… I use spinach but broc sounds like fun!

  • Cindy:

    Peel and freeze your bananas too. It makes such a luscious, creamy smoothie! I keep a supply of frozen bananas in my freezer all the time.

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