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Q-tip Tip: Cleaning Picture Frames

I’ve been trying to deep clean this month.  Nothing feels better than making a room really shine.

As I go through each room, I’ve been dusting thoroughly, including my picture frames.

They say that half the battle of any cleaning job is using the right tool.  And nothing works better at getting into the crevices of my frames than a Q-tip.

I’ve found that if I slightly dampen my Q-tip with a little window cleaner or my favorite furniture polish, it picks up dust better.  That’s my cute husband in the photo, fishing on the banks of the Madison River.  I love that photo.

This week I finally picked up a package of Precision Q-tips at the grocery store.  And I must say, they are pretty darn cool.  They are even better for cleaning intricate things than a regular Q-tip since the point can really get into small places.

Just another Q-tip tip, be sure to join Q-tips on Facebook and share your tips as part of the Tip-A-Thon and you could win a $100 weekly gift card or the grand prize, a $1,000 gift card and a year’s supply of Q-tips.

Disclosure: I’m a Tipster ambassador and this is a sponsored post by Q-tip.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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