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More Baking Soda Magic


“Honey, It’s your night for the dishes…”  Hmmm, he’s not taking the bait.

What do you do with a pan like this?  I think I could soak it for three weeks and it would never come clean… unless…

It’s baking soda to the rescue…


I sprinkled some into the pan…


And then I scrubbed it…  I wish I had a time lapse camera or a video.  I was amazed at how quickly the gunk came off…


I rinsed out the pan and sprinkled a little more baking soda to get some little black bits still left.


Ta Dah!  That pan shines like the top of the Chrysler Building.

Baking soda cleans just like magic.   Well… I did have to scrub.

But not nearly as hard as I thought I would.  So it’s the closest thing to magic I’ll ever come to.  I never could figure out how to wiggle my nose like Tabitha and have my jobs  magically done.  (Even though heavens knows I tried about a 1000 times when I was ten and my mom had given me a long list of jobs.)

Baking soda works really well for glass baking dishes as well.  A friend of mine had old baked on yellowish-brown stuff on the handles of her Pyrex casserole dishes (from non-stick cooking spray.)  We scrubbed them with a little baking soda and it came right off.

I’ve used it on my nonstick pans as well… I just needed to rub a bit of oil into the pan when I was done to re-season it.  It works on my Le Creuset (enamel coated cast iron pans) too.

Don’t you just love to find something that is great at cleaning, non-toxic and really inexpensive?  I do.

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