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Hard Water Problems


I have really hard water, and it can make life difficult in the cleaning department.  I get hard water plugging up my kitchen faucet, leaving deposits in my tea kettle, and on the walls of my shower.  It’s not fun.

I could use all kinds of harsh chemicals to deal with it… but I don’t.  Because, like a lot of good cleaning solutions, the simplest one is often the best.

It’s white vinegar to the rescue.


This morning when I turned on the kitchen sink… I noticed the water was spraying a bit awry.  It happens when the little holes get all plugged up with hard water deposits.


So, I filled a little container with white vinegar and let it soak for a few minutes.


Then I pulled it out of the water, wiped it once with a sponge and that was it.  No scrubbing required.

Then because I had white vinegar in the container, I used it to soaked the tray of my water dispenser from the refrigerator, and the base of my faucet in the bathroom… waste not.

When my tea kettle gets bad, I just pour in some white vinegar and swirl it around.  Then I let it sit overnight.  The next morning I give it a rinse and it is back to being black.

I use diluted white vinegar in a spray bottle for spot cleaning carpets… and undiluted vinegar for spraying the walls of my shower and as a rinse after scrubbing my tile with baking soda.

It is pretty much my  indispensable cleaning friend.  I buy white vinegar in bulk, because there aren’t many things handier for cleaning (or making great salad dressings.)

Did I mention that it is very cheap?  Especially when you buy it in bulk at a store like Costco.

You might also enjoy reading Pioneer Woman’s account of how white vinegar saved her hair.

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8 Responses to “Hard Water Problems”

  • I just told my husband that I am frustrated by our shower head and faucets. They spray water in all directions and make a neat freak like me irritated! I can’t wait to go try this. Thanks for the post!

  • Vinegar is such a versatile “ingredient” isn’t it? We also use a little in the washing machine instead of fabric softener as doesn’t build up like fabric softener can and also helps keep the machine smelling clean

  • I add a cup of white vinegar to my laundry and it not only ends any *ahem* scent problems you may have (hubby’s work-out clothes anyone?), it also softens and rids of static cling without the build up you get with fabric softener. I can’t wait to try it in my shower – already did the shower heads, don’t know why I didn’t spray it on the walls, too.

  • Melissa:

    I love white vinegar for all purpose cleaner. I rarely use anything else to clean my bathroom, kitchen, floors, windows and use in the laundry as well. I haven’t used laundry dryer sheets in over a year and whenever I touch people’s cloth’s who use dryer sheets I can feel a nasty film on their cloths. This is a miracle cleaner!

  • shantel:

    I’m going to try this but I have my doubts….Our water is really, really hard and vinegar hasn’t worked in the past. Maybe I did something wrong though….

  • ahh yes. for the longest time i thought the white film on my shower wall was soap residue. rhankfully, vinegar is king! thank you for the tip.

  • Sarah H:

    I’ll have to try this on our showerhead (i just need to figure out how to soak it, hmm…). We should be friends; I can see you also have a love affair with baking soda & vinegar. It’s okay; I can share them with you ;)

  • Amanda:

    I also have to battle hard water. I’ve read that if you use powder detergent vs liquid it helps act as a softner. I also use white vinegar in every load I do. It’s a natural fabric softner, saves money, is eco-friendly and helps keep my washing machine clean!
    Philadelphia Laundry Care

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