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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Party


Yesterday was Ben’s 9th Birthday Party, a Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s Party.  Unless you are currently in elementary or junior high school you may have never heard of Percy Jackson… it is a wonderful series of books about a young unlikely hero and Greek Mythology come to life in the modern age.  My husband Drew has read all 5 books aloud to Ben, who listened with rapt attention and loved them.

When his birthday rolled around he asked for a Percy Jackson party. Well you can’t just run down to the local party store and buy Percy Jackson party supplies… they don’t exist, you have to “Make it Do” the party instead.  I have to admit to being stumped for a while.  But after going through all the adventures in the books, I came up with a few ideas.

I love to have a craft, 2-3 games or activities and food.

The invitations for the party were a simple scroll printed from my computer onto parchment paper and rolled from both sides, then tied with a small gold ribbon- easy and very inexpensive.

We started Ben’s party by giving the boys foam swords to play with while we waited for all the guests to arrive.  I intended to make swords using pool noodles and PVC pipe, but after going to three stores I gave up on the pool noodles, everything was sold out.  But I found a good deal on the swords.  And I’ll tell you what, 8 and 9 year old boys know what to do when given a sword.  My advice is to keep out of their way!


Once every one had arrived, I started the craft.  I usually do the craft first to give time for the paint or glue to dry before the kids take it home.  The kids made Greek Hoplite shields out of black foam board and gold paint.  The board was nice and stiff and could take a hit from the swords.  I was able to get all the boards using a 40% off coupon.  I used a large bowl from my kitchen to trace a large circle on the back of the board.  Then I cut it out with a sharp Exacto knife.  Cardboard spray painted black would work wonderfully and be less expensive.   You could also use poster board, but it would not feel as much like a real shield.

Once the boys were done painting and the paint was dry, my mom hot glued two strips cut from poster board to the back, so the shield could be slipped over the arm and held.


The next activity was a treasure hunt with clues.  There’s a clue from Poseidon in the sharks mouth above.

Here’s an example of one of the clues:

There’s much to fear in Hades’ home
for in his kingdom
The dead do roam
Descend, descend to darkest black
If you survive
A clue bring back.

OK so I’m not a poet, but the kids loved the clues.  This one took them to took them to my basement, where I had decorated with all my best and spookiest Halloween decorations… skeletons, ghosts and chains.  The kids had to toss a Drachma (fake gold Greek coin) from a small distance into a cauldron before they could descend into Hades (their payment to cross the River Styx.)


The favorite clue was hidden in balloons attached to our dart board.  I had also covered the dart board in a picture of Medusa.  With careful supervision the boys threw darts at the balloons (one at a time of course) and then at Medusa when all the balloons were gone.  Those boys loved the darts, they kept wanting more turns and loved when they could hit her in the eye or one of the snakes.


The final clue took them to a sword that could kill the Minotaur (the pinata.)  I could not find a Minotaur pinata or anything else remotely Greek Mythology monsterish, so I bought a sweet long lashed cow pinata, ripped it’s poor eyes off and put red angry eyes on and horns made by rolling up black foamies and gluing them on with hot glue.  He looked sufficiently mean to barely pass as the Minotaur after that.


The boys all became heroes after “killing” the Minotaur and they received their gold laurel wreath crowns. Then it was on to cake and ice cream.


Since in the books, Percy’s mom makes him blue food on special occasions, we had blue cake with blue frosting (from a Betty Crocker White Cake mix with blue food coloring added) and blue sprinkles.  I added a figurine of Poseidon on top.  The cake could not have been easier… I could have made it fancier with piping and sea shells and such, but time permitted.  Thank heavens for Poseidon!  We also had blue ice cream and blue Koolaid.

After Ben opened gifts, I made sure to get a photo of each boy in their party gear to send with a thank you note.  Ben get’s to write the notes today… otherwise I’ll forget!


We all had a great time, even me.  I loved using things I had for decorations and activities (I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt in my own home) and getting creative.  I love to throw parties… and hope my kids will want them for at least a few more years to come.  After that I am starting a party planning business just so I can keep throwing them… well not really…


After multiple requests I am reluctantly posting all my clues to the scavenger hunt.  I wrote them in a hurry the night before the party and they they are not really in any kind of true rhyming format… but luckily the kids didn’t notice or care.  So here they are:

Percy Jackson Scavenger Hunt:

The first clue was in a shark’s mouth on the table where the boys made their shields.

Look above, beyond the wall

In the sky Zeus rules all

Climb to his realm and do not fall

If you’re lucky you’ll feel no jolt

From Zeus’ mighty Lightning Bolt

This clue took the boys to our wooden play center, which has a climbing wall.  The roof of the play center was hung with about 20 or so lightening bolts, made from poster board and construction paper hung at different lengths with blue curled ribbon.  One of the lightening bolts had the next clue taped on the back.

There’s much to fear in Hades’ home

for in his Kingdom

The dead do roam

Descend, descend to darkest black

And if you survive

A clue bring back

This clue took the kids to the stairwell of the basement.  Before descending into the darkened basement, I placed a wide piece of blue bulletin board paper in front of the stairs (the River Styx.)  I placed a plastic cauldron right at the top of the stairs.  I had a pile of plastic gold coins for the boys.  They needed to flip a coin into the cauldron as a payment Charon to cross the River Styx.  Once all the boys landed a coin the cauldron, they crossed the “River” and went down the stairs.  The darkened basement was decorated with skeletons, skulls, chains, etc. from my Halloween décor.  The next clue was hidden in the mouth of a skull.

Ares is the god of war

He loves to fight

And not much more

He’s hidden a clue in orbs of gold

To find them out, you must be bold

So take his weapons

And throw them well

Within the orbs a clue may tell

This clue took the boys back outside where I had set up our dartboard with gold balloons taped all over it.  I would definitely use small sized water balloons next time, as the large ones were too easy.  A clue was rolled up inside one of the balloons and when a dart hit the balloon the clue burst out.  Under the balloons was a picture of Medusa, printed from the Internet.  After the clue was found the boys all took turns trying to hit her with the darts.  They loved this station.  Here’s the clue:

The Goddess Athena

will Always help the wise

You must seek her weapon

that is small and black in size

When you meet the minotaur

the weapon you will need

to find the treasure, you’ve come far

strike him dead and you’ll succeed

I hid this last clue with a large owl decoration I have.  I asked the boys which animal represented Athena and to my surprise a few of them knew.  Then they went searching for the owl.  Next to the owl was a heavy plastic sword that the boys were going to use on the piñata and their sacks to fill the treasure.  The boys then headed over the Minotaur piñata.  Once they piñata was broken the boys all received their gold laurel wreaths because they were now heroes, having completed all their tasks.

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93 Responses to “Percy Jackson and the Olympians Party”

  • You rock!!! My kids are similarly obsessed with Percy Jackson … your ideas were just perfect. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • What a clever birthday party theme. Looks as though everyone had a spectacular time.

    When my youngest son was about seven, his best friend had a pirate themed party. The kids were taken on a treasure hunt through the neighborhood by following clues. They had so much fun, as did the parents. Great memories.

  • I read the post on BlogHer but I had to come here to look at the photos… and I’m so glad I did. It looks like everyone had so much fun. Happy Birthday.

  • I love, love LOVE the minotaur! You’re so creative! This theme is so much fun. I’ll be linking to this if you don’t mind.

  • Cora Coomber:

    Wow, that sounds awesome. I want to do a Percy Party for my boy who will turn ten at the beginning of February, right around the time that the movie comes out. I’m going to use some of these ideas, they are great!

  • Linda:

    Would you be willing to share all of your clues for the treasure hunt? I love the idea and am trying to put together a similar party for my 7 year old. Thank you!

  • Amy:

    WOW! How creative. I would also love the clues. Any suggestions on dressing up as Percy for Halloween. My 9 year old wants to be Percy and I am stumped. Thanks!!

    • As for a Percy Jackson costume, I’ve already given it thought because my son thought about being Percy. We came up with two ideas. The first is for Percy to wear an Orange Tee- Shirt printed with “Camp Half Blood” and jeans, but to also wear a laurel wreath, carry a hoplite shield (one we made at the party) and a sword (of course no sword at school.) I had thought about making the tee shirt with ink jet transfer paper http://www.amazon.com/InkJet-Transfer-Paper-Dark-Fabric/dp/B000Y8W5UG

      The other idea is to wear a Greek Mythology type outfit. I did find a pattern from Simplicity that was for teens, which I thought I could modify to fit my son. Here’s the link http://www.simplicity.com/p-1960-costumes.aspx

      In the end my son decided to be a Quidditch player, since my girls are going to be Hermione and Ginny. Hopefully he’ll be Percy next year. Good luck with your little Olympian.

  • Nicole:

    My son is about to have a birthday and he keeps asking for a Percy Jackson party! I’m so glad you shared your ideas. Would you mind emailing me your clues as well?? Thanks so much! Looks like a great party!

  • Nicole:

    I also loved the cake!! Would you mind telling me where you found the Poseidon figure and how much it was?? Thanks again.

  • Deborah Fleisher:

    You definately get the Mom of the Year Award for this! I also would love to get your treasure hunt clues. Thanks for all of your ideas!

  • Sara:

    I am dumbfounded. My son Ben is turning 9 next month and wants a Percy Jackson birthday party. Seriously.
    I don’t know you, but I feel like I owe you BIG TIME!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to blog it all — we’ll copy shamelessly.

  • Oh! These are wonderful ideas… I’m thirteen and I have a lot of friends who love Percy! I wanted to have a Percy Party and then go to the movie, and these are really good ideas. Even though we’re girls, we will love sword fighting! We had so much fun at a party where we broke out into a Nerf/sword war! I was really stumped and these ideas are great!

    I do have one question…. How did you get the blue ice cream?

    Suggestions for others : You can give the kids a chance to spin the oracle of delphi wheel, ( type in percy jackson party on Google, its the store planning guide) and when they land on a God or Godesses, this is their parent. They can then get into Cabins for games and wear name tags such as ; Josh son of Posideon…

    Thanks again!

    • Katie, I loved the Percy Jackson books too and I am a mother. You’ve got some great ideas for a party, I wish I had thought to put the kids into Cabins. I think I would be in Athena’s Cabin. All the best, Calli

    • PercyLover2:

      Im Gonna Turn 12 in October and I’m doing one too!
      but im thinking that also we will do a choice of being a hunter.

  • awesome party! My son is having his party soon, and these are all great ideas.

  • Sonya Ard-Kelly:

    I LOVE your party ideas. My son is having a Percy-inspired Greek god party soon, too, and I am desperately on-line seeking ideas. Bless you! I’m eternally grateful for all your ideas, and I would love the ‘clues’ that you put together for the treasure hunt, too, if you could send them to me as well. Thank you so much!

  • Amber Teague:

    Thanks so much for your ideas. My 10 year old wants a Percy Jackson party too and I was stumped.

  • zana:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. My daughter will celebrate her 10th at the cinema and we rented a room there. Would you please mail me your clues for the trasure hunt. Once they are organised into cabins for games each cabin can do one part of the hunt. Will have to work on it…

    And if anyone living in UK know where to buy a figure for the cake…

    • Hi Zana, I posted the clues at the bottom of the post now. Also, amazon.com has the figurine, I wonder if Amazon UK would have them too. Good luck! Calli

  • Erin:

    Wow! I’m so excited. THANK YOU!!! My son requested a Percy Jackson Party this year…he will be 9. You’ve made it so easy. Love Posiden on the cake. Where did you purchase it?

    • I purchased it from a small local independent toy store. But I did provide a link in the post for buying it on Amazon. I wish you luck with the party! We had a lot of fun.

  • Katie:

    Thanks for the great ideas! My 10 year-old is having his party soon at the movie, but needed some activities for the hour before. I will definitely make a blue cake! rickriordan.com and percyjacksonbooks.com both have 2 different event kits with great activities for parties (i.e., word search, trivia questions) put together for bookstore events. I also found a set of trivia cards at B&N for $3 going to use for a group game. I used Smilebox to make and email the invitation. I chose a generic birthday invite with balloons that has the party information and I copied the movie trailer off youtube and inserted it in the picture/video spot. The boys loved receiving the trailer as the invite and were very excited about the party!

    My son dressed up as Poseidon for Halloween since we couldn’t figure out how to do Percy! …I ordered an inexpensive teen-size toga online (had to quickly throw-away the package picture with the people holding beers!) that came with a laurel-wreath head piece and then went to Jo-Ann’s looking for aqua-colored, flowing fabric. We found perfect fabric (for a Sari) that was shimmer aqua and had a patterned, gold border that looked great. It was expensive fabric, but they had 50% off and we didn’t need too much. We bought enough for him to wear it wrapped around his neck and flowing down both sides of his body in front like a tunic. Then bought thick, gold roping to double tie around his waist with some hanging down in a loop to keep the toga and Sari fabric in place. He had a sword at home that he stuck in the roping. He wore sandles with it as well. He got lots of compliments on it–super easy and orignal! Sorry so long!

  • Katie:

    BTW, I also was going to use pool noodles last year for light sabers at our Star Wars party, but no stores had them since it was winter. We used some kind of inexpensive foam pipe insulation instead that my husband found at Home Depot, inserted some plastic tubing in about half of it for the handle and support, and colored/black duct tape for the handle vs. light saber part. The same material would work great for homeade swords. The boys loved them!

  • Nicole:

    Greetings from London. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas, I was just trying to figure out what to do abt my son’s Percy Jackson party– you saved the day! I wonder if that other lady managed to find a Poseidon figurine in the UK. Seems like I’ll have my own treasure hunt! : )

    • Nicole, I just did a little checking. The Poseidon is made by Safari Toys in the US. But they do list this distributor in the UK. I hope that helps in the “hunt.”
      Treasure Trove Toys & Gifts
      Ms. Liz Nield
      Building 2, Aston Down
      Minchinhamption RD., NR. Stoud
      Gloucestershire, GL6 8GA
      United Kingdom

      Phone: 44-128-576-2039
      Fax: 44-128-576-2038
      Email: liz@tt-holdings.com
      Website: http://www.treasuretrovetoys.com

    • zana:

      Hi Nicole, still haven’t found a Poseidon. London might be better for toys then Scotland. You can try pet shops/fish tank ornaments. I have decided to make a TRIDENT as b-cake deco. Still got 2 weeks to go…I am about to iron CAMP HALF-BLOOD on orange t-shirts I bought for a £1 each at market in London (visiting at Xmas). Also bought Percy Jacson/antient greeks books £1 each at WHSmith to go in goodie bags…We will go for dart game with medusa (prize for the best) and pin the tail on Chiron…hard to think what else to entertain 10 year olds with. Word search and colouring competition maybe…still planing. Good luck with your treasure hunt!

  • Kirstin:

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. My 10 year old loves Percy Jackson. I was trying to come up with a few ideas and I stumbled across your blog. I love your creativity, the party looked wonderful!!

  • LOVED your party ideas! We blogged about a Percy Jackson party for girls here: http://shoptwixt.blogspot.com/2010/02/percy-jackson-movie-party.html and posted a link to your site too.

  • Jill Welhoelter:

    You are a lifesaver! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas…we’re looking forward to our “PJ” party tomorrow beginning with the newly released movie. We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • ashley:

    It looks like a cool party cake

  • Jeri:

    Your ideas are awesome! I also appreciate the tips others have left. Did you make or buy the gold leaf crowns?

    • I found the gold laurel crowns at Zurchers. They would be sooo easy to make though. I was running out of time and they were not very expensive, so I bought them.

  • Thersa:

    Thank you so much! You have just saved me! I am going to use your ideas at my daughter’s school for their spring party. My daughter’s teacher has been reading this book in class and are now on the 3rd book. My husband and I took her class to the movies to watch it come to life and it was awesome. I thought to do a Percy Party would be fun, but didn’t know where to start. Thank you so much, you made this a reality! Have a great day!

  • Darcy:

    Hi! Where can I find these swords?

    • I am wracking my brain to remember where I bought them. I think it was from Zurchers… but I could be wrong. If I remember right, they cost between $1.5 to $2. I would also check $1 stores. I’ve found swords there too.

  • Beth:

    How creative..Where did you get the Posiden figurine? Thanks for sharing.

  • Alice:

    Aww that is simply amazing!! It must’ve taken time and effort but also a lot of creativity! I want the same party and I’m turning 20 this summer! :D

  • Darcy:

    I found great sword and shield sets at haloheaven.com for $1.50 per set. Now to find or make the crowns!

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for posting your ideas. I used many for my son’s party last weekend and it was a huge success. So thanks for being so generous with your ideas. I am posting what we did on my blog – so if there are other moms looking for help, they can use some of our ideas too.


  • Wow! This is just what I was looking for! I’m throwing one of these for my son’s 9th birthday this Saturday and was so intimidated by the theme. You have such great ideas, I may have to borrow them. :)

  • Mary Stevens:

    Thank you thank you! My daughter wants a percy jackson party too and I had NO LUCK at the party stores. You are a lifesaver. Thank you!

  • cara snyder:

    thanks for the great ideas! just a heads up to other percy party planners…toys r us has the 2 inch miniatures 2 per package of percy and minotaur, zeus and hellhound, poseidon and fury, hades and grover, and medusa and fury. online they are on sale for, like 4.99 each…but i found them in the bin near checkout for .99 cents each!!….i’m using them to top his blue ice cream cake! thanks for the awesome ideas all!

  • Sarah:

    You should also play Capture the Flag because they play it at camp half blood if you dont know what camp half blood is dont do a party for them if you do know what it is feel free to make camp half blood t-shirts agian if you dont know what this is look it up and dont do a party before you read the book.

  • Consider an authentic Camp Half-Blood Beaded Cord Necklace (in clay) from Just Charming! as a special OOAK present for any PJ fan!

  • Annie:

    My son just turned 9 and we used many of the ideas you shared! The party was a HIT! I thank you so much!

  • Tonja:

    Great ideas! My son is turning 9 and is obsessed, along with all of his friends, with the Percy Jackson series! Your ideas will definitely pull his party together! Thanks for the creativity and ideas!

  • joanna:

    I am going to have a Percy Jackson and the olympians birthday party to!

  • Emma:

    Wow, I’m twelve and I would have enjoyed this party…

  • Tegwyth:

    This is such a good idea! Im 14 and im the BIGGEST percy jackson fan EVER!!!!!!!!! I want a Percy Jackson party and This is a great idea!!!!! LOVE IT!

  • Karen:

    These are just fantastic ideas! I’m throwing my own Percy Jackson party in two weeks.

    Would love to know where you found the swords and how much they were. I’ve been looking around but the ones I found are shorter. These look cool!

  • Percybeth:

    HOLY ZEUS!!!!!!!! you have the best party ideas EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! thank the gods you were born,Callie!!

  • Sharon:

    My almost 11 year old just decided today he wants to have a Percy Jackson party. His birthday is coming up FAST. I am so happy I found your posting!! I thought – I better start reading those books quick to get some ideas – I am never going to find anything on the internet! But ALAS! You came to the rescue! thank you!

  • Ellen:

    thanks, thanks, thanks for sharing. Brilliant and useful ideas.

  • Great party ideas! I’m blogging about my son’s Greek Myth birthday party on my site; I’m going to post a link to this terrific page. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  • Te Raina:

    Hey Um thanks you are really creative and don’t think about the poems the boys liked it didn’t they

  • Lauren:

    These are great ideas– you are so creative. My son has been begging for a Percy/ Poseidon party. Thank you so, so much for sharing!

  • summer:

    What a cool Mom!!! My son would love a party like this! AWESOME!!!

  • Melanie:

    W-O-W!!!! I was looking for some ideas for my classroom as we read the first Percy Jackson book, but I just had to leave a compliment because this is so very impressive. I’m amazed!

  • Annabeth:

    Wow! thanks we will use the ideas; ever think of playing Capture the Flag!

  • My daughter is having a birthday in May and she love love loves the Percy Jackson books. She loves the ideas you have here. thanks for the great ideas.

  • rachel:

    anyone have any good ideas for a percy jackson treasure hunt for girls?????

  • Kristy:

    I’m turning 16 soon and my friends and I are obsessed with the Percy Jackson series. Thank you so much for giving me ideas for my sweet 16th! I’d never of thought about a treasure hunt or a minotaur pinata. You are so creative!
    Thank you so much!

  • Barbara:

    Piñata! Of course. Mind if I use that for a library party for the release of the next book?


    Hi, would this party be suitible for my girl who is turning ten?

    • Calli:

      Oh yes, I’ve had emails about this party for kids ages 7 all the way through older teens. Percy Jackson has such wide appeal. Ten would be a wonderful age for a Percy Jackson party. My son was 9 years old when I created this party for him.

  • katie peck:

    yes because i hav a bff that is having this party and she is turning ten

  • Brenda:

    You don’t even know how much you’ve helped me! I’m exhausted, working, and on chemo and you have handed me this beautiful template for the party my son wants. Seriously, this is a wonderful gift. Thank you!!!

  • Someone that has a beautiful daughter...:

    Calli, my daughter is 12 years old, turning 13 in September, would a Percy Jackson party be good for her? This is so perfect. But everyone here has kids, 7 years old…

  • Alice:

    I can’t do this, but just in case anyone can, and they are having a PJO party, they could ride horses with adult supervision for pegasi rides, and also watch part of the movie. You can also make you own golden laurels by using a head band and gold decorations. Maybe you could also have a Hades clue, where you have to find his helm. You can make that from a dark colored hat and paint some white skulls or such on it.

  • Thanks for sharing! Will be using these ideas for my 10 year old daughter’s party. I love the pinata!

  • Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. This thank you is 7 months late, but your post made my party planning so much easier. You really helped another mother out. I am now a blogger, so I am going to link over to this post to help out any other parents needing help with their own
    Percy Jackson Party. Your ideas were fantastic!

  • Felicity:

    Thank you for this! My son requested a Percy Jackson birthday party and I wouldn’t be able to pull it off without your help! Many, many thanks.

  • David:

    I am in the process of planning my soon to be 11 year old daughters Percy b-dy party. This was a great start to make it a fun and unique party.

    My plan is
    start with art. we are going to make and desigin the headbands with thier parent name on on Like Kendall daughter of Ares.

    Scavenger hunt / quest to find the golden fleece.
    Madusa freezed dance.
    feed the Hydra
    pin the sword on demigod or god
    throw darts at at some evil monster and pop ballons.
    defeat an evil hades monster that is protecting the golden fleece.
    I am trying to make the whole thing team oriented.

    Throw in some triva, word search, and creative writing.

    Grand finale : watch the movie and with popcorn and blue Kool aid.

    Whew wish me luck.

  • Brandon:

    First of all. Mega points to you guys for sure creativity, you were right. No stores offer Percy Jackson items because it’s not as well known as The hunger games or Harry potter. So points to you for making up great PJO related games. Also When people say Percy jackson is targeted at a certain audience like Elementary school and Middle school. That just irks me, because it’s like saying just a certain group of people doesn’t read a certain book/series that it’s outgrown to others. You know what I mean? I’m Nineteen years old and I love reading Percy Jackson because I can relate to it, It’s action and it’s one of the many books that makes me smile.

  • Hannah:

    I am soooo obsessed with Percy Jackson! That party sounds awesome! For my next one, I’ll try and play Capture the Flag, lol

  • Anna:

    I’m planning a PJO party right now and may I ask… where did you get the foam swords? We live in a fairly small town with no Toys R Us’s or anything. We can’t order them as the party is tomorrow!


    • Calli:

      We found ours at a party store called Zurchers. I would try Walmart if you have one close. Or buy pool noodles (which they sell at my local grocery store) and make a sword with a bit of PVC. There are tutorials online. Good luck with the party!

  • [...]  World of Warcraft ~ Percy Jackson and the Olympians Party ~ This Percy Jackson party has some amazing ideas that can be used for a World of Warcraft party. [...]

  • Tara:

    Thank you for Sharing!!! I cannot keep up with my little bookworm and I am afraid party planning must be done in advance and requires some knowledge of the theme! I have none yet. Your ideas have helped kick start our party planning and given me a little buffer time to finish the books some. We are adding to the party and switching some things like the final clue will be in Greek and must be translated by the kids. and we will be eleborate on the cake and of course may add a movie viewing for the friends who may not have read the books. You rock!

  • Ju:

    Ironic,your son might want to know that his birthday is the day after Percy’s! He would be thrilled at the news!

  • Yasmin:

    i am such a percy jackson and annabeth chase fan!
    i was also going to make a party including that theme!
    you helped me alot!


    i love the ideas!

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