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One Charming Donut Tree

Every year since I was young, my mom has served up chili and homemade breadsticks each Halloween night.  It’s a delicious stop for friends and neighbors along their trick or treat route.  About 10 years ago, she started serving piping hot homemade donuts on Halloween along with her other offerings.  There is standing room only these days in her home on the most haunted night of the year, and she goes through dozens and dozens of donuts.

I’ve continued her wonderful tradition in my own neighborhood.  My husband makes pots of his amazing chili and I made lots of homemade breadsticks, right out of the oven.  I love the IDEA of homemade donuts.  But they will have to wait for when my kids are older and don’t need help getting into spooky makeup and costumes.

I still serve donuts, just the store bought variety.  This donut tree would be just the perfect and charming way to serve my donuts.  Brittany, from one of my favorites sites- One Charming Party, shares a perfect step by step tutorial.  It looks so easy, I think my kids could help.

Thank you Brittany for letting my share your fun project here on Make it Do.

One Charming Party believes in celebrating your child every day — visit their online shop for full-length DIY party plans.

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One Response to “One Charming Donut Tree”

  • You are soo awesome!! I just found your blog today and am in love with it!! And today after finding your blog I canned peaches and made peach pie from your recipes. Mmm…can’t wait to eat the pie…patiently anticipating the arrival of my hubby-he says we have to wait till he comes home. Thanks for blogging!! Hope the fires go away. Oh my. I was out there 2 weeks ago-my sister lives in Eagle Mountain, and there were fires there too.

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