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More Make it Do Wedding Plans


We spent today working on some wonderful wedding projects for Josh’s (my brother) and Jen’s upcoming wedding.  I am amazed at the wonderful projects you can create on a budget.

Here are a few things we worked on today:IMG_5532

Did you know you can age a terra cota pot with stain?  Sometimes a brand new pot is just too new looking.  We aged them with gel wood stain (or you can use liquid.)  We simply applied two coats with an old rag.  The pots really have a lot of character now.  I can’t wait to fill them with Maiden Hair Ferns, Golden Spike Moss and Orange Kalanchoes.


We also filled wonderful pillow covers that Jen found on a business trip to New York City.  She paid $1 for each pillow cover!  We will be placing them around on the ledges to provide comfortable seating at the wedding… and to provide color of course.  But filling the pillows with a form was expensive… so we made do with an old foam pad of my mother’s.  We simply cut the pad up with a pair of big scissors.


Don’t you love this old wood basket?  Jen and I found them at Tai Pan Trading on closeout.  The were a steal at only a few dollars a basket.  And they look like they came out of a wonderful old garden.  As you can see, we are filling the baskets with wheat grass and a small paper butterfly.


We will be decorating with mason jars filled with Queen Anne’s Lace.  We tried to see how it was going to look by filling a jar with blooms from my Mom’s parsley.  Parsley blooms are similar in shape to Queen Anne’s Lace only smaller and not as white… but I loved the way it looks.  Next time my parsley blooms it will be in a vase on my counter!

I love the organic nature of all the decorations.  I love that many of the decorations are re-purposed items, and most of the decorations will be useful after the wedding.

I can’t wait to share pictures from the wedding in September.   But in the meantime, we are having a wonderful time getting together as a family and making things.  And in the end this wedding will be a labor of love.

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