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Guest Posting Today at No Biggie

I’m guest posting over at No Biggie today, sharing how to make a cornucopia cone, perfect for Thanksgiving after dinner snacking.  Be sure to pop over and say hi.

Kami at No Biggie is so much fun.  She has great recipes, crafts, and great practical tips… like spraying your pan with cooking spray over an open dishwasher to avoid the over-spray mess.  Now why did I never think of that?  And last but not least, Kami is an amazing thrifter!  Not being much of a shopper… (I only go when the need is extreme) I marvel at the wonderful things she finds.

What do you do after Thanksgiving dinner?  Take a nap? Watch football? A movie? Lounge around and talk? At our house it’s usually everything but the nap.  How many Thanksgivings have been spent watching Uncle Buck?  Once a year, that show really cracks me up.  We also love to play board games.  Our family tradition is to give a new board game on Thanksgiving day.  I talked about some of our favorite games in a post last year and I have a few more to add to that list:

We got Ticket to Ride as a gift last year, and we’ve become Ticket Junkies… I think we’ve played it like 500 times.  We bought Quiddler as our Thanksgiving game last year.  It turned out to be a little challenging for the kids… we need to help them out a bit… but they still love it and so do I.

I’ve only got a few days left and I’m still not sure which game we’ll end up with this year for Thanksgiving.  I was leaning toward Clue, but all they had at the store was some silly, souped up edition.  Call me old-fashioned but I like the old school versions of all the games…  give me a dead Mr. Body and Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, and Professor Plum for suspects and I’m happy.

If anyone has any favorite games let me know.

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11 Responses to “Guest Posting Today at No Biggie”

  • Robynn:

    I like your blog alot. We love Ticket to Ride here, I mentioned your post to the kids, now we have to play another game.

  • moon:

    first off, love your blog! secondly, we usually play trivial pursuit for hours after dinner. i think there is a childs version available!

  • christy:

    We love playing games too. Just a fun game is Imaginiff but it isn’t for younger kids. They need to be able to read. My mom is getting Settlers of Catan for my son. It gets high marks on every site I looked at. Bananagrams is another fun one.

    I agree with you that I don’t like the fancy versions. We got rid of all those and just buy the plain version.

  • Chrissie:

    Take a peek at Forbidden Island and Castle Panic. Both are cooperative games that are just right for kids and parents to both enjoy. Forbidden Island is quicker and easier with beautiful artwork. Castle Panic takes a bit longer and can be more of a challenge but either one is a ton of fun!

  • Laura:

    Carcassonne is one of my favourites, as well as dominion and pandemic. Settlers of Catan is also good fun too. The really nasty horse racing game is such a laugh (only amazon.co.uk sells this though). Take a look at boardgamegeek.com for some more boardgame ideas and loads of photos. Happy board gaming!

  • kami:

    Thank you so much for being my guest today, Calli! What a darling post. We love to play Sequence (have you played that one?), it’s a fun one.

    Thanks again Calli! :)

  • Chrissy:

    I’m a game player too, love them for family together times. Such good times :) You should try Fluxx! It’s super fun and it’s easy to pick up and learn :)

  • Lori:

    My husband and our boys will play any game any time. I have never really liked playing games except I do enjoy the good old fashioned clue. We have a souped up version that nobody plays. We always go back to the old fashioned one and the game we bought 5 years ago has little figures for movers instead of the cardboard ones they had when I was a kid. Us girls like that.

  • Sharon L:

    Apple to Apples is fun. They have a Jr. version and a 12+.

  • Jill:

    I love your blog. I’ve made your school bag and make your crepes every Thursday, and I also love boardgames. My current favorites are El Grande, Bonanza, Zombie Dice, No Thanks, and Coloretto. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Great suggestions! Thank you! Our family loves Apples to Apples and Mad Gab! But nothing can beat a regular ‘ol game of “Sorry”.(Well…except for the fact that there are only four players and ten of us in our family. Maybe we’ll get a few more “Sorry” games and have a tournament?!)

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