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The Last Day of School


This is it.  The last day of school. Goodbye second grade.  Goodbye first grade.   The year has flown by at light speed.  And the kids are so very sad.  They have had great teachers and made wonderful friends.  It is hard to see it come to an end.

Ben brought home a time capsule yesterday.  At the beginning of the school year his teacher, Mrs. Smith measured each child.  She cut a piece of yarn exactly their height.  She also traced their hands and feet.  Then she put the measurements in a bag labeled for each child.  At the end of the year each child could see their growth with their own eyes.  Every child in the class grew so much that their strings only went to their noses… all except one whose string came to her chin.  Wow… that’s a lot of growth in one year.  I’ve seen other kind of growth in my own children… they are reading better, writing better and are more independent.  I have a feeling the speed this year went by is only a harbinger of things to come.  Kid’s grow up so quickly.

I hope that I can savor each moment.  I don’t want to get caught up in racing around and being so busy that I forget to really live.  I hope if I focus on the here and now, I can slow this process down… make it last.  Or at least make the memories that I can keep.

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2 Responses to “The Last Day of School”

  • Dad:

    You are so wise–so young. As I remember it, it took your mom and I longer to learn to enjoy the journey and your mom still does it much better than I do. That’s what makes her such a great quilter–she enjoys every minute of making a quilt.

    In the book you recommended to me, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, it said children lose a lot of ground in the summer and I know that’s one of the reasons you keep your children involved with learning all summer. I look forward to seeing some of your ideas for this.

  • Just had to say– how CUUUUUTE are those skirts?!?!

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