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Guest Posting on Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen

I’m guest posting on Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen Blog today.  I made Patio Daddio’s Spicy Fish Tacos.  They are so good I think we’ve made them four times in the last month!  Be sure to pop over and check out the recipe!  You’ll love it.

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4 Responses to “Guest Posting on Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen”

  • Congrats! I saw that post this morning and printed out the recipe…it does look delish!

  • Jen:

    Very cool! The recipe looks wonderful! Thanks.

  • Tina K:

    I check out PW at least five times a day. The recipe looked yummy! Congrats to you! :)

  • Those tacos look sooooo good. Congrats, Calli! I just looked at your post from February 11th and it really IS amazing who you can connect with when you blog! I started my blog a little over a month ago and I also have a store on Etsy. I have thought many times about how small the internet has become for me. It’s really cool to see a “lineage of inspiration.” I am inspired by your blog and YOU are inspired by other writers! Very neat. I’ve been “making it do” all week getting ready for my daughter’s 1st birthday party on Saturday! A post and pictures will be up before the weekend is over!

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