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New Friends and More Favorite 1930's Sayings


One  of the things I have loved most about creating this blog is the new friends I have met along the way… for some reason blogging just brings people together.  The authors of blogs I read regularly feel like old friends.  And I feel so connected to all the wonderful people who read my blog.

Several weeks back I received a letter that was so delightful it made my whole day.  It was from a reader named Janean.  She included a photograph of the hoodie towels she made from my tutorial… only hers were even more wonderful with the names of her granddaughters embroidered on them.

She also included excerpts from her mother’s autograph book from 1932.  She included them because of the post I wrote about my Grandmother’s memory book.

Here is an interesting coincidence… my Grandmother and her mother were both named Maxine.  And just like my grandmother, her mother was clearly beloved by those who wrote in her book.  The endearments were so sweet and amusing I had to share:

Of course you have lots of relatives, but they were wished on you.  Your friends don’t have to love you, but goodness knows they do.

Love is like a funny little thing, it’s like a little lizard.  It wraps itself around your heart and settles in your gizzard.

True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare.  Fake ones are like Autumn leaves, found everywhere.

Crackers are dry without the cheese, and so is a hug with the squeeze.

When far away from here you’ll roam, Remember you had a friend at home.  Yours until the chamber of commerce is under the bed.

If scribbling in albums remembrance insures, with the greatest of pleasure, I will scribble in yours.  Always a friend.

Thanks Janean for your encouragement and kind words.  All the best to you, Calli

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