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Favorite 1930′s Sayings

Grandmother Maxine's Class Memory Book from 1935-1936

Class Memory Book from 1935-1936

This little gem of a book is a School Memory Book of my Grandmother’s – Maxine Platts Morgan. In 1935, my Grandmother would have been 10 years old.  Her classmates have filled her memory book with the most hysterical sayings and endearments.  Here are a few:

“When you grow up and have some twins… Come to me for safety pins.”

“In your chain of friendship, consider me a link.”

Or my personal favorite: “When you get married and your husband gets cross.  Pick up a rolling pin and show him who’s boss.”

When rocks and rills divide us...

When rocks and rills divide us...

“Lyman, Wyo. Dec. 25, 1935  Dear Maxine, When rocks and rills divide us and you no more I see, just take a pen and pencil and drop a line to me. Your’s till the little cubs have mice, Elaine Walker

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10 Responses to “Favorite 1930′s Sayings”

  • Joyce Collar:

    This is a fabulous picture of your grandmother’s memory book. Guess what?? That’s where I live!!!

    • Lyman, Wyoming is such a small place, if you are from there we are probably related! We used to visit Lyman every year when I was a kid. I remember riding sheep in the rodeo (not as easy as you might think,) gathering eggs, and playing with my many cousins on the ranch. I loved to go over the Fort Bridger and I vaguely remember a stuffed two headed sheep… did I dream that?

  • Charles Kenneth Platt:

    My son wants to know if we are related.Ralph Platt of Encampments, Charles Platt, Ruth Wilson, Marie Platt…ring any bells?

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  • smee:

    Wed. Nov. 25, 2009…I’m joining the party a tad late! I have read the entire blog front to back and I love it! I have book marked along the way and plan to place you in the Google Reader for daily updates so I don’t miss another post!

    I am writing because this post just cracked me up. Back when the earth was cooling, I got married to my high school sweet heart. He was employed by the dearest elderly couple. Hubby’s boss gave him a check for two weeks salary and a note that instructed him to “Honeymoon”. His sweet little wife gave me a rolling pin with the following poem:

    “When you get married and live by the lake, show this to hubby when he comes home too late! Instructions for use: In fair weather use in the middle. In fowl weather use either end!”

    Hilarious! So now, whenever I am invited to a bridal shower, guess what I bring?

    • Oh that just made my morning! I think I may have to borrow that wonderful idea and saying too, for the next bridal shower I attend. She must have grown up in the 1930′s! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the blog. All the best, Calli

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  • marcie:

    would love to hear more endearments.

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