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Greasy Oven Door Tackled

The other day I opened my oven to put in a batch of muffins and was totally surprised to see how dirty it was.

Since when did things get so gross?!  How didn’t I notice until now?

The self-clean function is an option… but it doesn’t clean the glass oven door that well.

Plus, when my oven broke down last fall, just a couple of days before Thanksgiving, the repairman asked if I had just tried to self clean it.  He said he’s been called out on many repairs thanks to self cleaning.  The high temperatures are hard on the oven.

Instead, it’s my favorite cleaning solution, baking soda, to the rescue.  Just a quick sprinkle over the door.

And a scrub down with a soapy mild abrasive sponge.

And without all that much elbow grease, my door looks great.

The same solution can work for the inside of the oven, but I like to use a fine grade steel wool instead of a sponge, since the surface can take a bit more abrasion.  There’s no need for the toxic cleaners.

I still like to use the self clean function now and then, but I am sure to do it on a day when I can be out working in the yard and I can open windows for ventilation… the fumes that come from the oven don’t exactly smell healthy.


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