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Tie Dye Fun for the 4th

This past week we got together with our cousins for a little tie dye activity.

We invited Jen, a tie dye expert, to come teach us how to tie dye.

Jen has been tie dying for a long time… she estimated she has dyed well over a thousand items.  She was so organized and knowledgeable it made our day incredibly fun… and not stressful in the least.

Jen started by having us toss our tees into a tub with water and sodium carbonate which is the main ingredient in washing soda.

We all provided our own tees.  The only criteria was they needed to be 98 – 100% cotton, but it really can be any natural fiber to take the dye.

The best part about tie dye is that you can “rescue” a stained or old shirt by giving it new life with dye.  Just carefully dye over the stain and voila… just like new.

The shirts only need a two minute soak… then we wrung them out….

And tossed them up on a drying rack.  The dye on a tee that is too wet will run all together.  Totally dry and the die will not soak in well.

Once the shirts are damp dry…

It was time to fold the shirts.  This was a cool method.  Lily is making a swirl by sticking a fork into the spot she wants the swirl to start, and then twisting.  Jen is making sure the shirt sort of folds neatly around the swirl.

Jen was amazing at knowing how the pattern would turn out and showed us how to make swirls, stripes, star bursts, and even hearts.

Here’s my husband’s tee, in the same swirl as the shirt above.  Then we put on the rubber bands like a pie that has been cut, a pie with three rubber bands to make six slices.  I dyed a different color of dye in each section.

Then it was time to dye.And dye some more.

Even the littler kids were able to dye their own shirts.  They LOVED it.

The hardest part was bagging up our shirts and waiting 24 hours to rinse them out and wash and dry them.

The suspense almost killed the kids.

All of the kids made their Tie Dye Shirts in Red, Blue, and Turquoise on their white shirts.

Come 4th of July we’ll all be sporting our tie dyed shirts at the neighborhood parade.

If you live in Utah County and are interested in having Jen create a tie dye event for you… here’s her contact information.  She provided everything we needed for our fun… including tables, a shade cover… and all the supplies except the shirts.  Her rates are very reasonable.   (PS.  it says St. George on her logo but she lives in Provo now.)

If you want to try dying on your own, there are lots of resources on the web.  Just Google how to tie dye.

Money Saving Tips for Laundry

Today as part of the Arm and Hammer Switch and Save Challenge, I’m talking about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart… saving money on laundry.

Here is a short “laundry list” of money saving tips:

  • Don’t use too much detergent.  Too much is not only wasteful, but it can also irritate your skin if not rinsed completely.  This is particularly important when using a front load washer.  I’ve had to experiment with the right amount for my loads and washer… too little and the clothes come out dingy, too much and the clothes are itchy.
  • Speaking of detergent, last month I switched to Arm and Hammer Plus Oxiclean Power Gel Detergent.  Even with the upswing of dirty summer laundry, it continues  to impress.  Arm and Hammer detergent is already economical, but using coupons makes it an awesome deal.  Just click over to Arm and Hammer’s Savings Center to download coupons.
  • I never use fabric softener.  Baking soda is a good fabric softener when added to the load.  So is vinegar when added to the rinse.  Both options are cheaper… and work wonderfully.
  • When your washer and dryer go kaput like mine did about 4 years ago, buy a high efficiency set.  We opted for a HE front loader washer and a gas dryer.  We paid more than we wanted, but noticed immediate savings on our electrical and gas bills.  Not only do the front loaders use significantly less water and energy, they are much gentler on clothes, so your clothes last longer.  I also use MUCH less detergent than before, and that’s a big money saver too.  It took some time, but our set has definitely offset the initial cost.

  • Forgo the dryer and hang your clothes out on a line…  because sunshine is free.  I use a folding drying rack which I move outside in the summer.  In the winter I use it in my family room, which you would think wouldn’t look the best, but I kinda like the homey feel… and the humidity it puts in the air.  If you are looking to install a clothes line there are several options.  My mom has used a Retractable Clothesline for years.  It is installed on her house and when needed, is extended to the hook on her wooden fence post.  They are particularly nice because when not in use, they are completely out of the way.  I’ve been wanting to install one in my backyard  since my little folding stand just isn’t enough space for a whole load. Another option that I’m twitterpated over is called a Hills Hoist Clothesline.  It’s on my wish list…  but for now the $13 retractable line will suit me just fine


This is a sponsored post for Church & Dwight Co., Inc, the maker of ARM & HAMMER branded products, who is compensating me to try different products. Save $1.00 on any 2 ARM & HAMMER Laundry Detergents. And be sure and head over to The Switch & Save Challenge for the chance to win $25,000.


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