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Porch Swing Makeover

Remember this old porch swing.  I inherited it last year when my parents replaced it with a new one.  My husband said he would rather it be donated to the thrift… or thrown in the garbage.  I, on the other hand, saw nothing but a lovely opportunity.  I’ve always wanted a porch swing.

But last summer got the better of me….

And my swing, while much loved and used, did not get the makeover it needed.  It spent the summer under my old quilt.  This was not an ideal solution since the quilt constantly needed to be refolded and adjusted.  It also got sopping wet whenever it rained and was slow to dry.  But having a quilt on the swing did teach me one thing.

I loved that I could take it off and wash it.

So instead of recovering my swing like I intended…. I made a quick and easy slip cover.

It attaches with simple ties.

I used an outdoor fabric that is fade and water resistant… so it should wear well.  The project was SO easy and fast.  And I was able to score the fabric at almost 70% off!  So even though the horizontal stripes were not my first choice, the price was just too tempting.  I really love how it turned out.

My next project is to spruce up the pillows, may be with some applique.  But in the mean time….

Our porch swing is our favorite spot to read a book… or talk or simply just rock and relax.

My husband had to eat crow… happily.


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