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Well Laid Plans


Yesterday I tried to finish a few sewing projects.  But my sewing machine was acting up on me.  I really hope it’s alright and that it is something simple!  I think I need to run it into the sewing shop and have it checked out.

I also had a long to-do list yesterday, and I did get some of it done.  But when the kids came home from school Ben had other plans.  He was so animated as he told me that he had a great idea.  He wanted to earn some money.  If I would just bake some cookies really fast, he would make lemonade and open a lemonade stand.  He wanted to make money for a new Star Wars toy.

Well, he was so enthusiastic, what could I do?  To-do lists just aren’t as important as Lemonade Stands.  So I threw on my apron and whipped up some chocolate chip cookies.  Lily, Emma and Ben made the lemonade.  They also made a sign together… but then asked me if I could write it again, because they couldn’t read what they had written and they wanted cars to be able to read it.  I liked their sign better, but I wrote it for them anyway.  Do you like the way I spelled Lemonade?  I didn’t catch that until I uploaded the photo.  I am so glad one of the our favorite teachers from 1st Grade was a customer.  She might be wondering how my kids ever got 100% on a spelling test.  There are no spell checkers with Crayola Markers.

The kids made great money thanks to the generosity of our neighbors.  Ben can’t wait to go to the store to pick out his Star Wars figure.  Lily and Emma want to go buy glitter balls.  So I guess this afternoon will include a trip to the store.

Wish me luck with my sewing machine.  All I have to finish on my dish towel is the machine applique.  The machine went haywire half way around my squirrel.  Hopefully I will have it to show on Monday.  It was very quick and easy and I am happy with how it looks.  Have a wonderful weekend.


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