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Every Kid Needs a Hoodie


Hoodie towels are a tradition in my family that goes back to my childhood.  I still remember getting out of the bath and wrapping up in my warm hoodie.

Every new baby in our family gets one.  I received a few store bought baby towels as gifts and they were so thin that I never used them.  I just loved wrapping my babies in the big soft hoodie.

We make them out of good quality towels that last for years…  And when their hoodie finally wears out, the kids always want another bigger one.

They are so easy to make.  You’ll want to make them for all your kids or grandkids.  They make a great gift for a new baby.  A summer hoodie made of a beach towel is perfect for the pool or the beach.

When my kids climb out of the bath, they don’t want anything but their hoodie.  It’s just so cozy and warm.  It’s definitely one of our favorite things.

Here’s what you need to make a one:

  • 1 bath towel (for bigger kids use a bath sheet)
  • 1 hand towel (we usually use white)
  • fabric of choice for embellishing (or you can use a ribbon)

1.  Cut the hand towel in half across the width.  You should have two almost square pieces.  You will only be using one piece for the project.  Save the second piece to make another hoodie.


(the fabric is folded in half for easier cutting)

2.  Cut a strip of fabric 3 inches wide and the width of your hand towel.


3.  Press a hem on each side of the strip of fabric.  Your hemmed strip should measure about 1 1/2″ wide.


4.  Fold the finished edge of hand towel about 2 1/2″ and then fold again.  This creates the brim.


5.  Lay your fabric strip centered the on the middle of the brim.  Pin into place.  Stitch in place close to each edge.


6.  1 1/2″ from the brim, make a tuck on each side and pin (as shown on the picture.)


7.  With right sides together sew the back of the hood.


8.  Finding the middle of the towel and the back of the hood, pin right sides together.

9.  Stitch together.  Back stitch several times on each end to secure.


Marley Jane shows off a new Hoodie

I know your hoodie will be lovingly used and abused.  Make sure to buy a quality towel, so that it will last.  We have found great deals on really wonderful towels at T.J. Maxx.  Costco also has good towels at a good price.  I’ve matched my kids hoodies to the color of my bathroom and they are darling hanging on hooks.  Each of my kids has a different color, so they know which hoodie is their’s.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


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