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Make it Do- Valentine Hair Clips

Last week, when I was fiddling with making my Pom Poms and Hearts Brooch, I made some fabric covered buttons.  I wanted to incorporate them into the brooch.  But after fiddling, I decided they didn’t work.

I had to find another way to use these cute buttons.  And the obvious answer was to make hair clips.  Which, as a mother of twin girls, we can never have too many of.

Here’s how I made them:

Using the template provided with the button kit, cut out your fabric of choice… remember to center the pattern in the middle of the circle, if you desire.

Have you ever made fabric covered buttons?  If not, you’re in for treat.  They are SO easy.

I tuck all the fabric down into the mold.

Lay the back on.

And pop it down.

And out pops the button.

Here’s one easy way to turn my button into a hair accessory.  Using a thinnish hair elastic band, slide it through the shank of the button.

And pull one end of the band through the other.  Give it a tug to make it tight.

And it’s ready for pigtails.

But I’m not done yet.  I want to make a hair clip, too.

For this button, I pressed the shank flat against the back.

Open the hair clip and hot glue the button to the clip.

And instead of wasting my cute buttons, I’ve put them to good use.  They will look so fun with the girls new skirts.


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