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Blowing Bubbles


There is something so happy about bubbles and kids.  My kids can sit out on the lawn and blow bubbles forever.  And I must admit, I love to join them.

Is it the challenge of blowing the biggest bubble?  Or the most?  Or is it the fascination of watching them float lightly away on the breeze?  Or the glimpse of an iridescent rainbow on each bubble?  I don’t think I will unravel that deep mystery…

Now you can “Make it Do” bubbles by making your own recipe.  And your kids can blow bubbles to their heart’s content.

Bubble Solution:

1 gallon water
1 cup dish soap
½ cup corn syrup

Mix together with a spoon.  Use or make your favorite bubble wand.


I thought you might also enjoy a closer look at a quilt designed and pieced by my Mom called “Blowing Bubbles” for my adorable niece Marley Jane.  It’s as sweet as it’s name…


Her pattern company is called “Remember When” and if you would like to order a pattern you can send an email to potsyquilter@hotmail.com


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