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Weekend Projects

It was a lovely, good, long weekend with lots of time to relax and enjoy.

While we watched Masterpiece Theater’s Sense and Sensibility and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, I helped my girls sew new dolls from Alicia Paulson’s wonderfully sweet book, Stitched in Time.  (Alicia is the creator of one of my favorite blogs, Posie Gets Cozy) I was so proud of my girls who embroidered and machine-stitched every part of their dolls with almost no help from me other than guidance and advice.

Everything was going swimmingly until they got to the hair, which was totally impossible for my girls to handle.  Having never really made dolls before, I’m struggling with the hair myself.  Stitching the yarn through the fabric and stuffing is for the birds.  I’m using a nice sharp long needle, but I think it may take few days and some Advil for my hands before the dolls are done.  Plus the doll’s face is wrinkling a bit with what I’ve done so far.  Perhaps the girls didn’t stuff enough?  It isn’t bothering Lily, but is bothering me.  I’m hoping the yarn in the back of the head will pull her face taut once again.  Anyone out there with brilliant tips?

On a side note, my girls wanted to watch Downton Abbey with me this weekend… but a word to the wise if you happen to have girls like mine who are actually excited to watch something like Downton Abbey… I found out the hard way, it’s not as kid friendly as I would have hoped : ).  Oh well.  At least I can watch it on my own… and I am.  I’ve watched 4 episodes now and I’m hooked.

On a happier note, I also started putting together a quilt that is long overdue.

I’ve had this stack of half square triangles niggling at me since last fall.  I had made around 200 of the 284 blocks needed for the quilt.  But then life got way too busy and the quilt went by the wayside.

Last week I finished up the last blocks.

This weekend I laid the quilt out and numbered each row.  Since the quilt is on point, I also called my mom for help in calculating the side triangles and corner triangles.  Thanks mom!

And started putting it all together.  I decided that I’m not going to add a border to the quilt, since I love the simplicity of it just as it is.

It’s incredibly hard to focus on sewing doll hair when a quilt is this close to being done.  But doll hair must come first I think.

On another note, our family went skiing yesterday and we all rode the lift where Lily fell.  It was a very emotional experience.  I rode the lift with a stunned awe at how truly high it was.  The place where she fell was shockingly high and I was filled again with immense gratitude that she fell safely.  I was proud of Lily for facing her fears and getting back on the lift.

Progress, and all in all, a good weekend.

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7 Responses to “Weekend Projects”

  • I am hosting a rainbow color charm swap on my blog and that quilt would be perfect for it. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

  • Your things are all so lovely!

  • Adorable dolls and lovely quilt pattern! So glad you are doing well…

    Downton Abbey is one of my favorites, too!

  • Meg:

    I’m only on my second episode of Downton Abbey and I am hooked as well. I’m spacing them out to savor them . . .

  • Tressa:

    This is going to be an amazing quilt when it is done! I hope you put how you did it and all so I can do something similar when I feel that brave. :)

  • Wow- that must’ve been hard to be on that lift! But I bet it was wonderful to all be together at the place of God’s provision for your family! The girls did a great job on their dolls, and your quilt is lovely! Isn’t it nice to be able to call your mom for things like that?!

  • Sally P:

    After watching my aunt make dolls for years–it is hard to put the yarn hair on but I think it helps to have the doll head stuffed & taunt. She never hurt her hands. It always made a “punch” type sound. She never had wrinkles in the head. You might open the dolls & add stuffing. Just like an embroidery hoop, taunt fabric is easier to pierce.

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