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Quilt’s at Moyle Park

My mom, Leslie and her friend Norma are launching a website for their quilt pattern company, Remember When Pattern Co.

This weekend my husband and I took some of their quilts out to photograph them for the site.  We took them to Moyle Park in Alpine, Utah.  It’s a pioneer history park at the site of the pioneer home of John Moyle and his family.  They were among the first settlers in our community.  The park has several old cabins, a milk house, and even an old Indian fort.

It seemed like a perfect setting for their quilts.

The quilt above is one of my favorites… it’s called the Lovely Stars.  As usual the picture cannot adequately capture the beautiful color of this quilt.

Here’s a lovely baby quilt.  This pattern is called Marley Jane after my sweet little niece.  I also love the old cabin walls in the photograph.

Another favorite of mine, this is the Red Cross Quilt.  The fabrics are from the Clara Barton line from Windham fabrics.  I love Civil war fabrics…. actually I love Civil War quilts.  This one is so beautiful, the picture just can’t do it justice.

And last but not least:

And last but not least, this quilt is called “Make Do”   How could I not love this one….  I love the block, but I especially love the name.

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2 Responses to “Quilt’s at Moyle Park”

  • What a great idea. Photographing at Moyle Park! The quilts are wonderful. your mom is so talented, and so are you.

  • I love the baby quilt pattern that was taken at Moyle Park. How can I get the pattern for the quilt that your Mom and her friend Norma made that was named after your neice? Your help will be appreciated in this matter! Thank you so much. Marsha

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