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Oh My Stars! Mr. President!

I’ve been missing for the past few days, I know.

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been writing quilt patterns… which is not for the faint of heart.  My goal is always to be clear and to keep my instructions simple and complete.  If only the goal was to be wordy and hard to understand ; ), I could write a pattern in a day.

I’ve been working on the Kite Strings quilt pattern of course, which should be ready later this week.  I’ve also been writing a pattern for the wonderful quilt above, Oh My Stars!  This quilt was designed by my mom.  It may look a little daunting, but it’s really quite fun to make. You can see, the stars are made with triangles in the sashing.

The other fun thing that happened this week is:

Early last week my son came home from school excited about the mock student government the 5th grade would be creating. They were even going to have campaigning and elections to learn about the workings of our government.

Over dinner he talked about what position he wanted to run for… maybe for the House of Representatives but probably for a Judge.  My husband said, why don’t you run for Senate… or even VP or President?

“Dad, a really popular kid will win for President. I’m just normal… I could never win.”

I piped up at this point and said, you never know Ben, you are nice to everyone.  “I AM NOT running for President.  I could never win over so and so or so and so….  They want to win and they are the most popular kids.”

On Wednesday, Ben came home with a sheepish smile on his face.  A friend had nominated him as a Presidential candidate in his party, and after the primary elections, he had won his party’s candidacy.  Another very nice boy in his grade was his VP running mate.

The election would be held on Monday (yesterday) but on Friday the boys needed to bring two posters, a handout for the whole grade, and give a speech in front of 100 5th Graders.  GULP.

On Friday, despite super nerves, Ben and his running mate both gave wonderful speeches- fun, funny and heartfelt.  The focus of their speeches was making every student feel important and included in school.  Since their party was the Patriot party, they had made posters with Uncle Sam, and stickers.  Yesterday Ben walked through the door with a wide grin.  He had won the election.

I was so proud of him.  I was also heart-warmed.  Nice guys can finish first… in the 5th Grade at least.

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11 Responses to “Oh My Stars! Mr. President!”

  • andi:

    Yay for Ben! How cute is that! Loved the story thanks for sharing!

  • Ashley:

    How wonderful for Ben! I remember running for student council & all the politics that came with it…even in 5th grade! I’m so excited to hear that this was not a populatiry contest, that the kids actually focsed on what is important!

  • Congratulations to Ben and to you, the first mother!

  • That is so sweet! What a great lesson for him to stay true to who he is. I love the Oh My Stars quilt- so pretty!

  • Sandy:

    I love it when nice guys win! You should share his speech! would love to read it. Way to go Ben.

  • Congratulations to Mr. President :o) That’s a great story!

  • I’m so excited for Ben! What a nice change from the usual. I’m so glad that he won. Congratulations, Mr. President.

  • Oh, and I meant to say that the quilt is lovely, as well.

  • Saw this Oh My Stars! quilt picture on Pinterest, but it didn’t link here (just to the Google image). So I hunted and pecked and found the source so I could repin properly with link and credit in the text :) There hasn’t been a quilt pattern on Pinterest that has stopped me in my tracks and made me say out loud, “I MUST MAKE THIS QUILT!” Technically, it looks easy. I’m looking forward to your pattern so I can make it as efficiently as possible! Can’t WAIT!!!

  • Samantha:

    Don’t forget to share the quilt pattern with us please! I’d love to tackle it myself.

  • prudy hogrefe:

    Gotta have the O MY STARS pattern like yesterday. Want to make a table runner. The only mystery that I can figure are the sizes of the corners on the sashing; not very privy to any certain mathematical facts in designing. Help need it a month ago……..Love it……..red white and blue.

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