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My teacher’s gifts are in the bag…

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!  But I finally decided to make my kid’s teachers the Lickety Split Bag from Made by Rae.  I love the look of the bag, and the name sounded promising for a procrastinator.

And Rae was right.  This bag not only sews up lickety split, it is a wonderful bag pattern.  The instructions are clear and easy.  They couldn’t have been nicer to follow.

I made two, and I must say, I like the feel of the heavier Oz by Sanae from Moda fabric in the bag shown above.  It gives the bag a little extra weight.  I let my son pick the fabric for that bag, and I think he did well.

The other bag fabric was Lotus by Amy Butler, which I love, for the second bag.  And it turned out a very elegant.

I hope the bags will be useful in carrying books… or other supplies back and forth to school next year.

Last night after I finished them, I lay awake thinking of puns to put on a card…

“You’ve filled me with knowledge…”

“You’ve carried me on your shoulder this year…”

“My heart is split in two that this year is over…”

And I have one thing to say… it’s a good thing I didn’t act on my 1:30 am thoughts.

I think we’ll just settle on “Thank you.”

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7 Responses to “My teacher’s gifts are in the bag…”

  • Those turned out gorgeous. The teachers will love them. Thanks for the recommendation on a quick project. I’m always looking for simple, yet fun bags! I’ll have to check it out!

  • very VERY! cute, nice job. Yes, we do have stange thoughts late a night, don’t we…

  • Amazing! Great Colors!

  • Andrea:

    Hi, Great Job. Love the bags.
    You were just in time. My daughters teacher just commented on how shes a bag freak so i was hoping to make her one but have no clue how to so i figured i’d search and learn. Good thing i found yours. I was looking for the instructions but dont see them:~)

  • This turned out really cute.

  • Hello. Someone who knows you (and me) told me I should read your blog. As I look at it, I’m thinking “this reminds me of when my mother-in-law subscribed me to Martha Stewart’s Living magazine and I had to through them all in the garbage because it was too depressing to read, cuz I was doing good to get out of bed in the morning and keep my kids from killing each other all day — let alone make sugar-frosted grapes.” Many, many years later – I’m working full-time, and still have not embraced my inner domestic goddess.

    So, all that so I can just say this….

    I want one of these bags. Where do I buy one?

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