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Mother May I Make a Hexagon?

A few months back I went out to lunch with a friend and she brought a lovely pillow to share that she had just finished putting together.

Sometime after the lunch I was talking on the phone with my mom and mentioned Amy’s wonderful pillow and that it made me want to start sewing hexagons right that very moment.

Well you’ve got to be careful what you mention to my mom about anything related to quilting.

No sooner had we hung up the phone, that she called her good friend Joyce to borrow her Accuquilt.  And within a few days, she had cut bunches and bunches of hexagons.

Since a quilting project doesn’t hang around long at her house with getting started… She even began putting them together.

After I picking them up from her, I happily sat down one evening to stitched hexagons.

I hadn’t gotten far when my Emma came in too see what I was stitching.

What are you stitchin’ Mama?  What’s it going to be?  Ooooh, I LOVE it.  That is exactly what I want Ruthie’s quilt to look like.

Ruthie is Emma’s 1930′s American Girl doll, so she was spot on, since many of the hexagons are 30′s or 30′s inspired fabrics.

“Mom, do you think I could stitch hexagons?”

“Let’s give it a try.” I said.

So in no time at all Emma was happily stitching together hexagons.  And my new pillow will be a new quilt for Ruthie instead.

She still is learning how to stitch her hexagons around the paper pieces, but she can sew them together using a very neat little blanket type stitch.

If you’ve never stitched hexagons and you’d like to… you certainly don’t need an Accuquilt… you can buy different sized paper pieces at many quilt shops, and cut the fabric out by hand (a rotary cutter works best).   And you don’t use a sewing machine, so they’re a nice on the go project.

The very talented Lori Holt has a great series of tutorials on hexagons found here and here.

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3 Responses to “Mother May I Make a Hexagon?”

  • I’m always so fascinated by the hexagon projects! I know I should just give it a try and see if I like putting them together, but I’m starting to think maybe I like the fantasy of a hexagon project more than I’d like the actual making of one, lol.

  • Oh how fun. I notice that that happens when I bring my hexagons to work with me. Some days I will work on them at recess, especially when it is sunny out side (I don’t do yard duty during recess). Suddenly I will have many 4th grade girls asking if they can try too. :) It sure looks like she had fun helping you out and she will be very proud of her doll quilt.

  • Beth:

    What a beautiful way to work to perfect a skill! I just attended a quilt show where there were some wonderful antique Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts. You and the girls might want to check out the photos:


    Happy Stitching!

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