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May Madness (plus a Giveaway winner!)

College basketball championship finals doesn’t have anything on the crazy pace of May for moms and kids.  I’d think it was just me, but lots of my friends are in the same mad sprint….  soccer tournaments, ballet performances, swim tryouts, school carnival, end of year luncheons….

It’s mostly really fun stuff, but don’t think I’m cut out for this breakneck pace.  I crave some quiet.  The flowers in my garden are a riot of bloom.  I want to smell the roses.  Literally.

But in the meantime,  here’s a few fun things…

The next best thing to going to quilt market is having your mom go.  She even braved the mad dash on the Moda counter at Spree to pick up some very cute fabric for me.  The pattern is Flower Girl by Camille Roskelley and the fabric is Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille…  enough for a twin.

This line is beautiful.  My mom said this fabric was gone in just a few minutes… but she was able to grab me a bag since she was near the beginning of the Spree line.  Lucky me!

Oh my, am I in love with Sandy Klop (aka American Jane)!  My mom brought me a few little 2-1/2 inch stacks of her new line ABC 123.  I’m not even cool enough of a quilter to know what a stack of 2-1/2 inch fabrics is called.  If I were in charge, I’d call it a cupcake.  Whatever it is, it’s full of wonderful little bits of fabrics.  I also can’t wait to get my hands on her School Days line, you can see the line here and read a fun little story about the line and my friend Amy.

Those of you who know my trepidation when it comes to hair and makeup will be happy to hear, I did pull off high ballet buns and makeup for my girls dance concert last night.  They looked very pretty.  I even got to use my sewing skills when we discovered, right before dress rehearsal, that Lily’s dress had not been altered like it was supposed to be.  I swapped a comb for my Olfa cutter and immediately felt better.

And last, but not least, I LOVED reading all the comments for this week’s giveaway.  The readers of this blog are SO awesome.  You all really are the Real Deal.  When the random winner of the giveaway came up, I laughed all over again reading her comment:

Congratulations Lea-Ann!  You not only gave me my good laugh for the day, you are also the winner of a $100 Visa gift card courtesy of Got Milk?  Send me an email with your address so we can get your card in the mail.

I’ll leave you with a few more pics from my garden… a virtual smell the roses, at least.

My Sally Holmes climbing rose is one of my favorites.  It’s peachy pink in bud and opens to a peachy cream single rose.  I love it climbing the trellises my husband built for me.

My Roguchi clematis looks like little purple bells.

My herb garden, so earthy, fragrant and useful, is filling in nicely this year.

The lettuce is growing in my garden boxes. My plants are are planted and growing well this super warm May.

Mock Orange isn’t showy, but it is so fragrant it will stop me in my tracks.

After today, when we serve an end of year luncheon to the teachers, I hope things will slow down just a little just in time for Summer to start.

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3 Responses to “May Madness (plus a Giveaway winner!)”

  • Tina:

    Stop and smell the roses! You are working too hard. Thank you for the give away, even if I didn’t win because I snickered when I read the winners comment. It was SO funny!! I thought those things only happened to me.

  • Oh sample spree. You owe your mom BIG time. That line is awful and waiting is terrible. That new fabric is amazing. I want it. Whimper.

  • I think those little teensy one’s are called petit fours… because it takes four of them to equal one 5″ charm square. Also, Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S fave told me what those baby squares are called last year when she gave me one. I’m not cool enough to just know that kind of stuff either :) Though I do kind of like cupcake ;)

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