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Lovely Star Quilt

“Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven,

Blossomed the lovely stars,

the forget-me-nots of the angels”

-Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Yesterday my mom gave to me the quilt she made for my birthday.

The pattern is called Lovely Stars and was inspired by an antique quilt my mom saw in a magazine.  When she asked which, of all the quilt blocks in the world, I would like for my birthday quilt, I debated….   but not very long.

Having a quilt that was designed by my mom and then made by her… I could never hope for a more perfect gift.

The scallop border is so beautiful and and yet it came out of necessity.  My mattress and mattress pad make my bed so high, it needed a little something extra to make sure it fit once the quilt it was quilted and washed.

It’s yet another way the make it do part ended up being my favorite part.  When I walk past my bedroom I see the scallop and it makes me happy.

I love searching out the personality of each star.  Most of the fabrics for the stars came out of my mom’s bountiful fabric closet.

The alternate block fabric is incredibly soft, almost like a sateen.

As you can see, the backing is a very simple plain unbleached muslin.  It could not work more perfectly with top… it feels like anything else would have been too much.

The quilt has a wonderful, antique sensibility.  It makes my room feel warm and cozy and peaceful.

Thank you, thank you mom for such a precious gift.  I will always treasure it.

If you are interested, the pattern was designed by my mother and her dear friend Norma.  Though my mom no longer sells patterns, this and other of her patterns are still available to order through Geoff’s Mom’s Pattern Company by clicking here.

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