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In the wee small hours of the morning

When I’ve got lots in my heart and on my mind the first thing I loose is sleep.

I can go weeks without a good night’s sleep.  I can exercise or work in the garden all day long.  My body can be so darn tired, and I’ll still I lay awake for hours that night.  After loosing sleep for a few nights I get a bit ditsy in the day.  I forget things.

But there is a silver lining (as there usually is with most things.)  When I can’t sleep, I get up and read or sometimes stitch.

I’m not as fond of doing those things at 2:00 am…yawn.

But sometimes it’s 4:30 or 5:00 and as I  stitch, I can hear the birds begin to sing and the dawn light creep into the sky.

There’s a freshness to early morning that seems to sooth the worried mind. Problems often seem more conquerable by early morning light than they do at 2:00 am.  It’s like the day begins with a small gift.

And I even get the binding on my quilt.

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6 Responses to “In the wee small hours of the morning”

  • Dayna:

    Calli, I’m sorry that you have so much on your mind right now. I’m an insomniac when I’m worried, too–it’s so frustrating. I hope your worries will be eased soon. Until then, keep focusing on tender mercies like the wee small hours. *Hugs*
    P.S. Your quilt is simply beautiful :)

  • Beautiful quilt! And it will be a reminder that “His mercies are new every morning”!

  • Linda:

    I so hope that you can sleep tonight–I am so the same way…I was up to hear the early morning birds too this morning–

  • Tina:

    It’s very hard when that happens and you cannot sleep and it has happened to all of us. When I have those nights I find the best solution is to pray. I pray for others, all those poor souls who have no one that cares and no one to pray for them. It also helps us count our blessings. I also agree with the others, your quilt is very pretty.

  • Janet Swann:

    Oh my goodness … I posted that message on the wrong blog. I am so sorry. It will I hope make you smile becasue it sure has nothing to do with anything on your blog. I really feel the fool. I hope you feel better and try this trick I use when I can’t get to sleep. I concentrate with my eyes closed and the room as dark as I can get it. I lay in my most comfortable position and in my mind I say goodnight to my self starting with my toes. “Good-night toes, good-night feet, good-nght ankles etc. I have never made it to my head. Honest to goodness it works . Say them slow in your head … Smiles and good wished to you for a restfull evening. JS

  • I do a little bit of everything – but prayers and breathing and going up and down your body to make sure it is “settled” If all else fails I get up – tea and a cookie and I love the early morning best – I thought it belonged just to me, but now I see I’ve been sharing it all this time – so nice to know that others are out there. God bless to all and hopefully some good sleeps ahead.
    PS it seems when I am overtired that it is always worse?!

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