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In Between Cleaning

no. 55 Linoleum

How do you deal with stress?

Rather than start drinking…  I’ve chosen a few more constructive outlets.

I’ve been deep cleaning bedrooms and purging old toys, clothes, and more.  For a girl who really doesn’t love to shop, I’m amazed at how much there is to give away.  Lightening my load feels so good.

In between cleaning, I’m still obsessed with Farmer’s Wife, also better than drinking.

The block above has got to be one of my favorites that I’ve made so far.  It’s no. 55 Linoleum and it makes me think of a scrubbed clean country kitchen.

I’m still drafting rather than using the templates.  The corners on this one made me scratch my head for a minute.  Kids, pay attention in math class.  You will need to know geometry someday, especially if you quilt.

no. 12 Broken Sugar Bowl

More turquoise.  This is no. 12 Broken Sugar Bowl.  No pun intended, but this block turned out a little too sweet for me.  I wish I would have used something more aged for the background fabric.

no. 21 Contrary Wife

A little contrariness makes a person interesting, right.   I love how this block turned out too.

I’ve laid out a few darker blocks to work on today… and we’re tackling the craft closet.  That is if I don’t get a concussion when I open to door and have it all fall on my head.  Yes, it’s that messy.

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6 Responses to “In Between Cleaning”

  • Love all the sweetness! The sugar bowl looks great, so don’t think one more second about it!
    I am wondering about the contrary wife though, shouldn’t all four reds be on the inside?

    Keep up the beautiful work!

  • I love all of your blocks! I only have 18 left, and it amazes me that I have been able to draft nearly all. There have been a few that I’ve been able to draft most of the pieces and only use one or two template pieces, but really, other than the 5-patch blocks, I haven’t made more than a handful that required templates!

  • Nicole:

    I love the large turquoise check fabric in the first block. so cheery. nice work.

  • gina:

    your blocks are beautiful!!!

  • i like your blocks and color scheme! i was intimidated by the templates (mostly just unsure if I would beable to get them to print out at the right size) but I tried it the other day and it was no problem. it just took a little longer to cut than cutting normal strips, squares and triangles. anyways, yours look great!


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