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Easter Towels

After a long time sitting in a drawer, I just finished up this little Easter dish towel.

I started it several years ago, but never finished it or the tutorial I was going to make with it, because I ended up getting what I thought was the flu and then having unexpected surgery.

The original towel I started so long ago was meant to have three eggs.  But when I pulled it back out last week I realized that was a bad plan.

I found a cute little bunny template over at Martha Stewart and it became a bunny with just one egg.

I feel like it still needs a little embroidery stitching, maybe a running stitch around the egg and bunny, but I’ve got to mull it over.

I’m hoping my daughter Lily will spend some time embroidering this week too.  I just love this little dish towel embroidery she started.  The pattern is from our favorite online source for free embroidery patterns, Doe-c-doe.

She did such a nice job doing a split stitch for the little bonnet, but got a little sloppier, and frustrated, with the boy’s sailor hat.  That’s the nice thing about embroidery, I told her, if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can always pick it out.  I kind of love seeing her less than perfect stitches since it means she’s still little.

It’s such a joy seeing her progress.  Split stitch was more challenging for her than a backstitch, so she was tickled at how nice her bonnet turned out.  I’d love for her to finish her ducks this week, before Easter.  But all in good time. I mostly want her to enjoy the process.

I’d be happy to have her sweet little dish towel can hanging in my kitchen all Spring.

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3 Responses to “Easter Towels”

  • Tina:

    I love the dishtowel even though your rooster is my favorite. Your daughters embroidery is coming along and looks great. I wish more young girls would take an interest in it but I guess it is too old fashioned now. You are a good Mom to teach her such values and to say such nice things about both your daughters. It is quite refreshing.

  • Ok. that towel is really too cute!

  • dg:

    Those are really cute towels

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