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Early Mother’s Day

I’m not really in the habit of buying myself Mother’s Day gifts.  My husband is one of the best gift givers I know, so I don’t have to compensate by buying my own.  He gives me gifts that I really love… like well-made garden gloves, a perfect soup ladle, a tubtrug or a bird’s nest necklace.  Other than the necklace, a lot of women would not like the gifts he’s given me over the years, but he knows me well and knows I’d rather have a perfect soup ladle than a bouquet of cut roses any day of the week.

But a few weeks ago, I splurged on myself just a little.  I ordered a new embroidery hoop and needles from one of my favorite bloggers, Alicia from Posie gets Cozy.  I’ve only ever had a super cheap hoop, so I couldn’t wait to open my package when it arrived.  The new hoop is truly well-made and lovely.  It was $6.50 and should last me forever, so I don’t feel too guilty.

I splurged too when I was at a Material Girls Quilts a few months ago and bought some Cosmo embroidery floss.  I gasped a bit at the price, but when Shelby at the shop told me that it isn’t as inclined to knot and it stitches smooth as butter…. well they had me at knot.  And the colors… swoon.

I found the perfect project to try out my new tools yesterday when I dropped by NanaCompany.  Amy has created a new free embroidery pattern that she stitched in the center of a Dresden Plate.  The quote from Mother Teresa is one that I love.

I just wish I could play hooky again this morning and get started, but too many things are pressing in… At least I have a carrot in front of me today to finish my work quickly.  If all goes well maybe I can have a quiet moment on the porch swing later today.

“We cannot do great things,

but we can do small things with great love.”

~ Mother Teresa

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3 Responses to “Early Mother’s Day”

  • What a precious husband you have. :0) I too love very practical things as gifts. Nothing compares to great tools for the jobs at hand. :0)
    I have not tried the cosmo thread and am glad to hear how wonderful it is. The stitch pattern tugs at my heart. I have a framed picture with that same quote. It is so true. I too am scurrying about to complete my chores today. I am working on Allisons latest pattern, Spin Cycle and I love it so much. But bathroom cleaning and laundry are calling my name. :0)
    Have a Happy Mothers Day. I hope you are able to spare a few special moments away to work on your stitching. :0)

  • After years of stitching I tried Cosmo for the first time. I think it’s worth the extra cost!

  • Marit:

    Hi Calli!
    I’m not really a sewer (although I try) and I am just beginning to try my hand at embroidery. I love this pattern and quote! If I want to frame this, what material would you embroider it on? Would you line the back with fleece? Any other suggestions? :-)

    Thanks so much! I love your site! And happy Mother’s Day!

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