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Christmas Garland

I’ve hardly gotten out of bed this past week thanks to my bad cold.  I’m still a little loopy today, but I finally got my traced template scanned to share with anyone interested in making a Christmas garland.

My traced letter template can be downloaded by clicking here.  The template is in a very rough state, just my pencil tracing, but it’s the best I could do this week.  And it’s certainly functional, since it’s exactly what I used.  The letters for the template are not reversed since I used freezer paper to make my templates, and freezer paper can be ironed to the front side of your felt without leaving a mark on the fabric.

To cut out my letters, I traced my template letters onto freezer paper.  Simply iron the freezer paper template, waxy side down onto the felt.  For the red lettering I cut with my pinking scissors on the outside of the line.  I used one template to cut letters like M or S for the multiple letters needed in the garland.  Just be sure to cut out all the red letters first.

Once cut, I peeled away the template and saved it to reuse for the cream letters.  I love that freezer paper templates can be reused more than once.

Cut on the inside of the line to cut the cream letters.

I stitched the red lettering to the ribbon, then glued the cream lettering to the red, using fabric glue.  I didn’t like the idea of stitching on my cream lettering.

Here is something very fun.  A Make it Do reader, Katharina from Germany was inspired by my post about my grandmother’s garland.  She used Ariel Narrow font to make her own templates to create a garland.  She was able to find wonderful sequins!  I love how her garland turned out.

I love how blogging connects us together.  Thank you so much Katharina for sharing your lovely garland with me!

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4 Responses to “Christmas Garland”

  • Katie:

    Thank you! I found some sequins at a thrift store and was getting ready to start this.

  • maureen:

    Looking at your blog today made me smile as usual…but this time because under “you might also like” was a link to the felt heart ornaments post. I made those and just delivered them to a neighbor for her young family to start the tradition. Needless to say, she loved them!

  • Mary Ann B:

    Thank you for the tracings.. I might not make this this year, but will file it away…then again this might be a good project for the grandkids though I guess I’ll be buying felt tomorrow! LOL
    thanks again for sharing!

  • Joy:

    Thank you for the stencils! Like Mary Ann, I probably won’t get to it this year…hopefully next year!

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