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Choosing a Quilt

Image by House Dreams via Pinterest

My mom called me the other day.

I have a certain birthday coming up this summer that she thinks is kinda monumental.

It starts with a 4.

And ends in an O.      Doh!

I’m a little dubious about the whole thing… like maybe her numbers are off… I think I should be turning something like 30.  But my mom insists it’s really true.  I really wasn’t born in 1981.

Maybe that would explain why, when I was a little girl, I wished my name was Kelly and not Calli  (thanks to Charlie’s Angels) or why I had a “Dorothy Hamill”  haircut in 3rd grade.  Or why, when I was out on our backyard swing, I loved to sing “So bye, bye Miss American Pie” (at the top of my lungs)  “took my Chevy to the levy but the levy but the levy was dry… them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye..”  Oh great.  I know what I’ll be singing all day today.

Yes, I guess it’s true.  I am a child of the 70′s.

Oh well.  You are only as old as you feel… so I’m not too fussed about whole thing.

But my mom is.  She wants to make me a quilt worthy of commemorating 4 decades of living.  She wants me to pick the pattern and the fabrics… so the quilt is exactly what I want.

After about two seconds of thought, I said I’d love a new quilt for my bed.  Since my current bedding feels about four decades old… even if I don’t.

And I want it to have lots of yellow.

I love a happy yellow more than just about any other color on earth.

Now for the block.

I simply love the quilt Lovely Stars.  It’s quilt my mom helped design and is from Geoff’s Mom Patterns.  It got it’s name from a Longfellow poem….  “Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossomed the lovely stars. The forget-me-nots of angels.”  Now doesn’t that sound nice to sleep under?

I also love the old fashioned block called “Love in a Mist.”  This is a nice modification I spotted on Pinterest.

And last but not least, I love a good old fashioned Log Cabin.  This one from Alicia from Posy get’s Cozy is wonderful.  I love the sashing….

I like how this quilt feels lived in and easy.  That’s what I want my bed to feel like.

For the next couple of days I need to be on the lookout and let my mom know soon.  She is a VERY fast quilter… but even she needs a little time to get it done.

Decisions. Decisions.  Wonderful decisions.

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12 Responses to “Choosing a Quilt”

  • Oh you lucky, lucky, lucky lady! Much as I love to quilt, the idea of someone making one for me, to my specifications knocks my socks off! I’m told by friends who are already there that the 40s are great – old enough to know better, young enough not to care!

  • Each of those quilts are so pretty.

  • Oh my!! I had a Dorothy Hamill haircut too!! I was born in 71 also… my big birthday isn’t until October.

  • I like the Lovely Stars the best.

  • Ashley:

    Quilts are the best gifts there are. There’s so much love put into them, and such beauty to look at : )

  • Whatever you choose, knowing your mom, it will be amazing. Can’t wait to see!

  • Dayna:

    Calli, I think the Lovely Stars is the prettiest, plus it would be so meaningful since your mom helped design it! An heirloom in the making…
    Happy upcoming birthday!

  • A “4″ and an “0″ and a Dorothy Hammill ‘do. Yep. That’s me too.

    I didn’t realize we were so close in age (I’m “4″ and “0″ in December). What’s different is that I was singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on that backyard swing. And I don’t have a mom who quilts. (She’s an incredible abstract painter, though!)

    Have fun choosing your birthday quilt. I love what you’ve narrowed it down to.

  • Janelle:

    As another gal about to be 40 (eek! next month. double eek!) I think it is so wonderful that your mom wants to commemorate your day (years) in such a special way. Happy Birthday & enjoy the quilt-picking process!

  • Beth:

    What a great present! Thanks for introducing me to the quilt block Love in a Mist. I have those flowers outside my window and just love the name (only learned it 3 years ago when we moved). I’m definitely going to have to check out that block for some summer quilting!

    Happy Birthday from another child of the 70′s. (I’m 41 though!)

  • They’re all beautiful! So sweet of your mom.

  • Your mom is so admired…especially by me. You’re very blessed. Happy 40. If there is such a thing!

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