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This year’s Reflection Contest Theme was “Together We Can…”

After lots of ideas and discussion, my daughter Lily had an idea.  She wanted to paint a picture of Rose the Riveter.  We have the classic poster of Rosie in our laundry room… and my girls (and I) love it.  They’ve even heard stories about real live Rosie the Riveters in our family.

Lily set to drawing, but was frustrated that she couldn’t make it look right.  After seeing the pile of tossed sketches I said, “what if you take a picture of Rosie?”  “Yah!”  So my girls and I went on a scavenger house around our home to find all the right ingredients… red polka dot material from my stash of fabrics, a used yellow plastic tablecloth, and a button down shirt.  We set up a mini studio in our living room.  Lily made the sign and while I did Emma’s hair in a pin curl.

Lily just might have found her calling in life.  She took pictures like she was the director of a major motion picture.  “Emma, move to the left. No! Not that way, the other way.  Don’t smile, Rosie isn’t smiling.”  It was so much fun to watch her work.  She now wants to be a photographer when she grows up.

“Together We Can Do It!”  She said, “Together we can work together to fix our countries problems, just like Rosie did during WWII.”

Since our Reflections contest awards ceremony was this week I thought I could finally share her photo…  I think it needs to be framed next to the poster of Rosie in my laundry.

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