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Projects in Progress

I’ve got lots of projects in the works….

But nothing yet to show.

I’ve finished one of my fingerless mittens…  holding my breath that I don’t run out of yarn before the other is finished.  I started the project on a whim using a slightly used skein from my stash.  As my ball of yarn shrinks, I’ve begun to worry there won’t be enough to finish the second mitten…

If it’s not… well… I bought the yarn over 8 years ago, finding a match is out of the question.  I will just have to make it do and find something funky to fill in the rest.  When I wear them, they will serve as a reminder to look before I leap.

My girl’s have 4 performances for dance this week.  That means lots of time for me to sit at the theater… translation:

  • I’ll finish my mittens.
  • Have some time to read my book, which I am loving.
  • Hopefully start and finish a new embroidered dishtowel for my kitchen.

I’m trying hard to finish the design and get it ready to start stitching before tomorrow.  I knew I was going to love my one little word.  It’s inspiration is already showing up in my projects… the dishtowel design for one.


I’ve also picked up an inexpensive cork board for my new linen pinboard for my kitchen.. now to find a great deal on a yard of lovely linen fabric.

I’m still hunting for inspiration on a calendar for the board.  It will be in a very conspicuous spot in my kitchen… so I need to love it.  But it needs to be FUNCTIONAL too, with lots of room to write our schedule.  I want it to be simple… not too frilly.  Any ideas?

My home is front and center this month.  I am abuzz with ideas for home improvement and decorating.

I’m going to start focusing on one area of my home a month, sharing ideas and solutions for that room.  I’m also going to get back to sharing mending tips.  I have a basket of mending projects that need my help.  Hopefully sharing my solutions will be helpful to you too.

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3 Responses to “Projects in Progress”

  • Angela:

    For your mittens project you could always add a few stripes on the one mitten. It may look pretty cute that way. Maybe a modern touch and it will help you, with stretching out the purple. I discovered your blog the other day and absolutely love it. Thank you for all the wonderful cleaning tips. I am severly allergic to anything with a scent, so baking soda and vinegar are right up my alley.

  • Sally:

    Check out a catalog called Little Miss Matched. They don’t match anything so you might get an idea for your mittens!

  • Kelly:

    I think this is an awesome idea for a calendar. I plan on doing it myself as soon as I can wrangle up some photos I like: http://content.photojojo.com/diy/the-ultimate-diy-photo-calendar/

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