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Home Again

We spent a long weekend camping near beautiful Capital Reef National Park.

Oh, how I love my home state of Utah.

We stayed in one of our favorite cool, high-mountain, pine-shaded campgrounds.  It was out of the heat and perfect for relaxing.

My sweet husband got to try out a nap in the hammock we gave him for Father’s Day. It was quite relaxing, right until he was invaded by a couple of 10 year olds.

We hiked through the beautiful, but hot desert to an oasis waterfall…

and cooled off by having a wonderful swim.

We saw beautiful red rock cliffs and amazing petroglyphs.

But no matter how much I love to explore, there is nothing quite so nice as coming home.

Even when home means a mountain of red dirt stained, fishy, dirty laundry.

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5 Responses to “Home Again”

  • We did that hike! Is it up to Calf Creek Falls? It’s “legendary” in our family because my Dad said “it’s not hard” so we didn’t take much water- half way in we knew we made a big mistake… my husband had to carry my then 6 yr old out on his back!

    • Calli:

      Oh my! That is a hot, hot hike without enough water. At least it’s got a cool destination. We’ve had a few hikes when we (my hubby ; )) ended up carrying kids and 6 year old kids are HEAVY!

  • Awesome! We just went to Capitol Reef for the first time during Spring Break. I esp. loved Fruita! :) Where was the waterfall, that looks awesome!

    • Calli:

      The waterfall is Calf Creek Falls. It’s not in Capitol Reef. We camped on Boulder Mountain (outside of Torrey) and the falls are on the other side of Boulder Mountain about 12 miles past the town of Boulder on Scenic Route 12. It’s a beautiful drive and hike.

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