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Making Easy Ribbon Hair Clips


I am pretty much hair “challenged.”  If I could get away with a ponytail everyday for the rest of my life I would be happy.

And then I was blessed with twin daughters…

Since I am good at making things… I try to make up for my lack of coiffe-tiness with a little craftiness.

Years ago when I was in high school, I made hair bows and sold them.  Last week I ran into an old friend, Steffi who reads my blog and had bought some hair bows way back then.  She asked if I would do a post on how to make them.

Making your own hair clips can save you a lot of money.  Dear Lizzie, a popular shop near my home sells hair clips ranging from $6 to $14!  Ouch!  Making them at home costs less than a dollar.  And you can make a clip that perfectly matches an outfit.

For this project you will need:

  • 18 inches of 1 inch wide ribbon
  • 3 inch piece of 3/8 inch ribbon
  • a metal hair clip (available from beauty supply stores)
  • hot glue gun


1.  Start by cutting 9 inch pieces of the 1 inch wide ribbon.  I am using grosgrain ribbon today.  (The 9 inches is subjective… you can make your bow bigger or smaller, depending on what you like and the size of the child.  You can also use different widths of ribbon.)

2.  Now fold each piece in half and press the crease with your finger.  This leaves a mark on the ribbon for the halfway mark.


3.  Run a bead of glue along the center crease and fold one end in to the center.


4.  Run a second bead of glue on top and fold the other side in.  Repeat for the second piece of ribbon.


5.  Put a drop of glue in the center of the side with the seam, then pinch your bow in half (lengthwise) and squeeze firmly.  Hold it for a minute while the glue dries.  Repeat on other piece.


6.  Glue the two pieces together using a drop of glue in the center.


7.  Run a bead of glue along the top of your clip and press onto the back of the ribbon bow.


8.  Squeeze your clip open and put a drop of glue inside the clip at the center of the ribbon.  Press in the end of your  3/8 inch ribbon.  Wrap it tightly around the bow.  Put another bead of glue on the center bottom and press the end into place.  Now trim the end of the ribbon.

Isn’t that easy.  And you can do all sorts of fancy things… add a third piece of ribbon, or use smaller width ribbon or thicker, or the two combined.


I also make super easy flower clips… which I will show on another day.


And you might also like reading about Making Flower Pins that I wrote about last Spring.

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