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Make it Do- Spooky Silhouettes


Two sheets of thin black poster board is all you need to create a spooky display this Halloween.

I got this clever idea from Martha Stewart.  I simply sketched a witch with a white colored pencil to the back side of the poster board.  She is so tall, I had to tape two pieces of poster board together.  Then I cut it out and stuck my spooky witch to my front window with double stick tape.  When a small light is on in the living room, she takes on a wonderful glow.

mice silhouette

Photograph from Martha Stewart

I thought the idea was so easy and fun, I used this mice template to cut out mice silhouettes then pasted them in my glass of my kitchen dish cupboard.  I love to see unsuspecting visitors do a double take.

Both projects cost me around a dollar. And they were fun… kinda like craft time in elementary school.

One thing is for sure, It doesn’t have to cost much to make it a frightful Halloween.

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